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Here is a collection of all the best pictures of Neptune captured by Voyager 2, Hubble and Earth-based telescopes.
This is a classic picture of Neptune captured by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft during its 1989 flyby of Neptune. This amazing Neptune pic shows distinct clouds hovering above Neptune’s lower cloud deck. This is an incredible image of Neptune’s largest moon Triton, which was also seen by Voyager during its 1989 flyby of Neptune and its moons.
GuestshareeJanuary 26, 2009 8:12 AMthis is really cool pics of neptune!!me and my partner think that the pic of neptunes moon was the best out of all of them!!!this website really helped us on our project!!!we thank u 4 that!!!!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This was one of the first ever close-up photographs of Venus, captured by NASA’s Pioneer Venus spacecraft. You might be amazed to know that spacecraft have actually landed on the surface of Venus and sent pictures back. This is a false-color image of Venus taken by the Venus Monitoring Camera on board ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft. APPRECIATE IF YOU GIVE A FACEBOOK LIKE or subscribeRSS feed to get new articles in your email.

Pew researchers were hard pressed to explain the feline photo surge, but Stanford University economist Wendall Wuffie says the state of the economy could be the cause, in much the same way the economic collapse of fall 2008 led to a run on cardboard turkeys. Pornography, always popular on the Web, actually fell from third to eighth on the list in the latest survey, however. Unfortunately, only one spacecraft, Voyager 2, has ever visited Neptune up close, so all the closeup images of Neptune were captured over the course of just a few days as Voyager 2 swept by the planet in 1989. The NASA spacecraft had already visited Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus during its trip, and Neptune was the final stop on its grand tour of the planets before speeding off into deep space. Some pictures of Venus have been taken from here on Earth, while other Venus pics have been taken from spacecraft orbiting the planet.
It shows the entire surface of the planet, imaged by the spacecraft’s radar instrument, which can penetrate the thick clouds to reveal the surface below. Planetary scientists used the radar data captured by Magellan to build up 3-dimensional images of the planet’s surface. It’s actually a false color image made from ultraviolet images of the planet Venus by the spacecraft. The Soviets sent a fleet of Venera spacecraft to Venus, and several actually made it down to the surface. Francis Spitznagel of the Pew Center, who noted that when the center conducted a similar survey in 2009, pictures of cats led videos of people injuring themselves by only a relatively small 18 percent margin.

You can see a giant storm raging on the surface of Neptune, which scientists have named Neptune’s Great Dark Spot.
You might be surprised to know that spacecraft have even landed on Venus (they didn’t last long), and took images of Venus from the surface. Magellan was launched from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Atlantis in May 1989, and arrived at Venus on August 10, 1990. The Pioneer Venus Orbiter went into orbit around Venus on December 4, 1978, and released several probes into Venus’ atmosphere to study it.
Here’s a color photograph of Venus captured by the Venera 13 spacecraft, which landed on the surface of Venus on March 3, 1982. Another interesting feature is the fact that the dark spot seems to be missing in this image of Neptune. This image of Neptune was captured by NASA’s Voyager 2 during its 1989 Neptune flyby.

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