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Bald Eagle Tattoos – Bald eagle tattoos capture the image of maybe the most elegant and powerful bird on the planet.
Patriotic Eagle Tattoos – Patriotic eagle tattoos are for the patriot!  If you are searching for that perfect tattoo to show your pride for the USA than look no further, you want patriotic eagle tattoos. Golden Eagle Tattoos – The Golden Eagle tattoos are also a favorite in the tattoo field. Mexican Eagle Tattoos -The Mexican Eagle tattoos may look familiar to you if you have seen the Mexican flag.
Flag and Eagle Tattoos – Flag and eagle tattoos are a fabulous patriotic design that looks great as body art. This iconic predator with its white head and yellow bill and black and brown body really look great in a tattoo. There are many design patterns to choose from and they all have the great Red, White and Blue. This magnificent bird has a beautiful dark brown body with golden brown plumage on their head and neck. The eagle is sitting on top of a cactus plant with a snake in its bill and wings out for balance.
Wolf and eagle tattoos are often in a fantasy image and can result in a great tattoo design.
Americans are a patriotic people that will do anything we have to protect our rights that we have fought for so hard. They look stunning in these sizes on the back, shoulder, upper arm, chest, waist, and upper leg.

Below are some ideas for eagle tattoos to get that wheel turning.  If you are American and have even a touch of patriot in you, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Ideas for bald eagle tattoos could be; a bald eagle in flight as it is about to settle on a branch with its leg and claws out and grasping and its wings high in its stroke acting as a large air brake.
For an example try a head shot of the eagle in a side view, than divide the head in to red, white and blue thirds. Try a side view with the head of the wolf looking to the right and the eagle looking to the left, and then blend the back of the heads together.
Try a tattoo design with the American flag that is war torn and weathered flying proudly as the background and a bald eagle head centered in the middle. Try a tribal eagle tattoos design in the flame pattern with the full body and wings spread open.
Eagle tattoos can be small or large, interwoven with other themes, or a stand out on their own.
Or you can try a close up of the head with that yellow bill and light yellow eye, well defined white feathers against the black and brown body, making great bald eagle tattoos. You may also try a bald eagle in flight with the normal coloring of the head but past that start slowly blending the wings and body in to a USA flag.
Some people are adding additional colors to brighten the image and those are okay, but keep in mind it is a proud people’s flag and keep it respectful. You may like this also;  a tribal razor design wolf, in full running stride, with the front half of the wolf a tribal eagle with wings in replacing the wolfs legs. You can also try a close up of a Harley Davidson fuel tank, with a windblown American flag paint job and the eagle head from the Screaming Eagle logo in white above the tank and the words Screaming Eagle in orange and black below the tank for nice Harley themed flag and eagle tattoos.

Or try a close up of the eagle head in the tribal razor pattern; the sharp edges look great. You will also see the colors of nature that you may have used in your tattoo design and red white and blue for an American flag. Your tattoo artist’s experience will come in very handy here with advice and their gallery images to complete your favorite eagle tattoos designs. Look at the Mexican Flag for coloring tips for the Mexican eagle tattoos so you are sure to be correct.
This magnificent creature often soars amongst the clouds, preying on smaller birds and creatures, symbolizing strength and superiority. Perhaps this is why it is one of the most popular tattoo designs requested across the globe.Without a doubt, eagles are beautiful and majestic.
These birds, nesting on mountain peaks and large trees, have such a strong eyesight and may even frighten human beings, despite their size.An eagle tattoo on one side of a broad chest is the ultimate symbol of power and patriotism, for an American.
This tattoo is ideal for those who consider an eagle as a national symbol.This small eagle tattoo on your neck is a beauty enhancer, apart from giving a sense of security. In Greece, the eagle was linked with the God of Sun; in Norse to folklore, where they were associated with wisdom represented by the God Odin, symbolizing authority.
It was also an important symbol in the religion of the legendary Mayans.An eagle on top of a skull can only mean one thing; victory!

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