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When it comes to lettering, there’s something about a handmade project that just stops us in our tracks. Argentina-based designer Lisa Nemetz’s identity for VQV, an organic restaurant, positively demands attention. I focused on a statement that reflected Shelby Park’s positive outlook and growth as a tight-knit community. Louisville’s own Bryan Patrick Todd, a graphic designer and artist, documented the process of creating this gorgeous mural he was commissioned to create. Toronto-based artist and graphic designer Jason Vandenberg initially caught our eye with his hand-drawn project entitled Earn Your Sleep on Instagram. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Thomas Pena’s impressive Behance profile showcases a knack for typography that extends across a variety of media, along with an arresting capability for hand lettering.
The Illumination Project is a DVD study series for small groups, developed from the video content of a live event held in Portland, Oregon.
With this project, Nina Harcus, a designer and foodie, features handmade typography visuals using ingredients like flour, pie dough, and other food items, to accompany the recipes in a book. Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, graphic designer and illustrator Robba Saldana has set out on a mission to create a different typographical representation of various songs by internationally renowned artists spanning the last several decades, and the results are astounding. The brief was to create the cover artwork with headlines done with a visual that ties to learning.
When August Media made the decision to approach Berlin’s Martina Flor for the cover artwork for the magazine Completely London, they inspired one of the more notable covers we’ve seen to date.
MASH, the collective of graphic designers and typographers Mary Faber, Alice Lo, Saranna Drury, and Haylie Gray, created this collaborative masterpiece showcasing lyrics from New Zealand musician Dave Dobbyn’s song Slice of Heaven over a weekend. MASH has been long time fans of Dana Tanamachi’s awesome chalkboard type…and we wanted to follow in her footsteps and give it a go ourselves. Be sure to watch the video for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the work that went into this amazing project.

New Jersey designer Jason Carne may only be in his twenties, but his hand-lettered designs seem to have traveled forward through time.
Russian-born artist Yulia Brodskaya has a unique gift for folding paper into visually compelling creations.
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Lettering tattoos are very popular and along with color and design, another way to add a very special touch to those lettering tattoos is select from the many different styles of fonts for tattoos available.  Some of the more popular and appropriate fonts for tattoos for different styles of lettering tattoos will be discussed below.
For you lovers of Latin sayings, this font is called Justinian.  ad honorem for instance means “at the Honor” and is an example of using this font for Latin phrases. All fonts have the possibility of adding color or being inked in color but the font lends itself especially well to color.  This font is called Yold Angelican.  For spectacularly elaborate tattoos relating to this time era or for lettering tattoos that include quotes from this era, a shorter quote in color with this black outline would look great! In this day and age, with so many beautiful fonts accessible to us at just the press of a button, the fact that there are still amazing designers willing to go above and beyond the norm and hand-letter their work impresses us to no end. The masterful, almost casual brushwork perfectly evokes the texture and vibrance of the food on offer.
Once the initial design and mockups were completed, he worked with a sign painter to see that the mural accurately reflected his design.
On his website, however, Vandenberg documents each step of his process, from initial sketches and drafts, to the final, vectorized results. His set of three hand-lettered inspirational quotes, edited using a faux-chalkboard effect, would make a fantastic wall decal or poster triptych.
Russell Shaw’s hand-lettering takes it beyond the ordinary and creates an impactful and memorable product for young adults.
These handmade visuals tell the story of a Patisserie chef named Marcelle, as he begins to fall in love with typography. From his depiction of Johnny Cash’s Hurt to The Chemical Brothers’ Galvanize, this collection is definitely one to watch.

The minor irregularities in the lettering make it clear that Flor took the time to create this entire piece by hand, an artistic undertaking that speaks volumes about her commitment to her work. Their blog entry about the piece describes the process they used to create such a large-scale monument to chalkboard typography. From film props, to t-shirts for Def Leppard, to beautifully imagined designs for small local businesses, be sure to check out the entirety of his collection. Formerly called “quilling,” this paper-crafting technique is believed to have been used by monks and nuns in the Renaissance era when creating flourishes to adorn religious objects. Axek’s creations, many of which feature hand lettering, are beautifully executed, for no reason other than, in his words, to defy laziness.
So if you’re going to get a tattoo, shouldn’t it be personal and unique to you? You might be into cursive scripts, or you might prefer block lettering or an Olde English style. The important things to remember are; readability, boldness, is there an opportunity for color if you want it, does the font fit the style of other art you might include and do you have existing body art that it will wear well with? Whether it’s her embellished version of a snippet from a $5000 bill or her cover for O magazine, this collection of papergraphy (as Yulia herself has deemed it) is worthy of perusal.
If you’re going to integrate lettering into a graphic tattoo, though, be sure to have your artist draft the entire design so you can make sure the lettering works well with the images.
This font is called Freestyle script and like Speedline above could go with any number of lettering tattoos from the ancient to the modern, from the serious to the comical.  Have FUN with you lettering tattoos!

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