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Hea€™s got both the fortune and the determination to challenge Vladimir Putin, and ten years in prison havena€™t deterred him. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. As some of you know, I am not a flag waver and I don’t really understand the need to flag wave. I feel no need to modify myself because I choose to live in another country other than the one I was born in. Why are people still pinning their hopes on a gang that have no policies other than getting rid of everyone who disagrees with them? It is tragic that those who have been attacked and assaulted and maimed by these thugs cannot remove their scars so easily. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Parents have been left shocked after discovering a Manukau discount store is selling temporary Nazi tattoos in the children's section. The tattoo designs feature a swastika design with an eagle overhead, known as the Parteiadler - a prominent symbol during Adolf Hitler's rule of Nazi Germany. Unless I miss my guess, those are the infamous Buchenwald Butterflies Ilse Koch had tattooed above the crack of her cruel, evil ass. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
Nazi-obsessed father who named son Adolf Hilter still fighting for custody in New Jersey Nazi-, devil-worshipping N.J. Long before he started idolizing Adolf Hitler, Heath Campbell was a wife-beating tyrant who was obsessed with the devil, the Daily News has learned.
An ex-wife of Campbell, who marched into a New Jersey courthouse last week in full Nazi regalia, says he was a hubby from hell. Campbell, who would go on to name one of his sons Adolf Hitler, even lobbied Bowlby to name their first-born Lucifer. Throughout their stormy, three-year marriage, he regularly punched, choked, raped and even threatened to kill his young wife, she said. The 40-year-old Campbell, who is the father of eight kids from four women, is vying to gain visitation rights to see his youngest child, Hons Heinrich.

Campbella€™s three other kids with his estranged third wife Deborah a€” Adolf Hitler Campbell, 7, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 6, and 5-year-old HonzA­lynn Jeannie Campbell a€” were also taken away by the state after domestic abuse allegations surfaced. Campbella€™s troubles started in 2009 when he made a stink over a supermarketa€™s refusal to inscribe Adolf Hitlera€™s name on a cake for his son Adolfa€™s third birthday. Campbell has long rankled his neighbors in the tiny western New Jersey township of Holland. Cathy Bowlby, former wife of Nazi lover, described the terror of living with Heath Campbell, a Hilter-obsessed devil-worshipper who beat and confined her. The unemployed Campbell lives off of disability payments and drives a green 1985 Pontiac Bonneville adorned with a swastika on its hood and Hitler stickers on the passenger side door. Campbell was abused as a child, developed a€?serious psychological conditionsa€? and never learned to read, court documents show.
Early in the relationship, Campbell knocked his pregnant wife to the ground a€” causing her to have a miscarriage, Bowlby said.
Using a bull-shaped ring like brass knuckles, hea€™d punch her in the head and chest, leaving nasty puncture marks. And once, while she was pregnant, she woke him up during a late-night trip to the bathroom, prompting Campbell to beat and then briefly smother her with blankets, Bowlby said.
Bowlby wasna€™t allowed to go outside by herself, and Campbell nailed the windows closed to make sure she couldna€™t escape.
Bowlby said she wasna€™t allowed to watch TV shows a€” only cartoons were permitted a€” because Campbell didna€™t want her to see other men. Even after the birth of their second child, a girl named Kurtlynn, Campbell openly fantasized about killing Bowlby. At the time, Campbell was racist, a€?but he wasna€™t into all that Nazi stuff,a€? Bowlby said. His obsessions were the devil and the ultra-violent film a€?Natural Born Killers,a€? which he watched repeatedly. In 2002, Bowlby pressed charges against Campbell after he insisted that he was going to hire two men to murder her. Campbell pleaded guilty in 2003 to making terroristic threats and was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to complete an anger management program. Bowlby took out a restraining order against Campbell that same year and moved out of state with her kids.

Campbell went on to marry his third wife, Deborah, but his violent tendencies remained, court documents show. State welfare workers removed the three children he had with Deborah Campbell from the home a month after the Adolf Hitler birthday cake incident. For his part, Heath Campbell believes hea€™s being persecuted simply because he gave his children Nazi-inspired names. And Campbell, who says he suffers from emphysema, insisted hea€™ll never stop fighting to regain custody of his four youngest children. Bowlby, Campbella€™s second wife, shudders to think about the possibility of her ex regaining custody of any of his children.
But this is going a bit too far I think," Mr Smith posted on his Facebook page with an accompanying photo. But she a€?talked him out of ita€? by suggesting that their son take their fathera€™s name instead. Once, furious that his 2-year-old had knocked into the curtains, Campbell picked up a running vacuum cleaner and held it inches from Heatha€™s face.
His ex-wife, Cathy Bowlby, says he tried to persuade her to name their first child Lucifer. I try and live my life by a certain set of principles that have nothing to do with any religion, political party or cult. I feel no need to wave a flag for it just because I happened, by accident of birth, to be born in it. Supporting a gang of criminals and Nazi cultists whose violent activities are known, documented and videoed is quite another.
Nationalism is a strong thread in Greece (and elsewhere but is particularly strong here) but this easily spills over into rabid xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

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