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The Jolly Roger is probably the most iconic symbol of pirates and is a very popular tattoo design.
Other pirate tattoo designs are portraits of pirates, prostitutes, treasure maps, treasure chests, unlabeled bottles of alcohol (the pirates are usually depicted as a heavy drinker of alcohol, especially rum), (or women who do business with pirates at the gate) hangman loops, aquatic animals, birds such as gulls, terns, octopus, whales and sharks, but also mythical creatures like mermaids, sirens, and the octopus said, a mythical sea monster lives off the coast of Norway.
Pirate tattoos can be in the style of the Old School tattoos ocean is done first, colors with heavy black lines and bright. Although pirates are considered criminals, the fascination about these groups of men and women that lurk in the big wide seas doesn’t wane.
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While tattoos are often small tattoos, Jolly Roger’s pirate ship can be quite large and wide, often with a Jolly Roger as the flag. Davy Jones, a reference to God or controller of the sea, the pirate tattoos because it’s a great character in the folklore and stories of sea pirates.
Pirate’s life lived outside the scope of the Convention and does not obey the laws or the government of a country to decide. The design was a flag, usually black, a design for people who are confronted with a ship flying the Jolly Roger, a skull and often featured anxiety.
Davy Jones Locker “refers to the bottom of the ocean would be a sailor or pirate to eventually drown.

And these rich stories certainly add up to the interest of hobbyists to wear pirate tattoos in their bodies.
Even the pirate ship flag, which usually depicts the skull symbol, is very popular as well.
Normally, the Jolly Roger flies on board the ship they were in the immediate delivery of the shocking attack. Or because they fear instead of or as a result of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean people, a pirate ship with black sails, white tattoos. The technology of tattoo ink and has a long way to go, but in detail, fine lined tattoo designs now possible.
Sometimes these designs are made on ghostly boats when the ship is haunted or out of the mist, like the convicted Flying Dutchman (a mythical ghost ship doomed to return to the sea forever, never to return home). While the color patterns are still numerous, pirate tattoos can also be run only in black, with negative space and positive image of the beautiful shade looks like a charcoal or pencil drawing. Other times, was the ship through the rough waves and strong cut, like the pirate sword those who refuse to be him. But there is something very attractive to the simpler style retro old school tattoo designs.
Armed with guns and swords, these pirates are willing to take themselves to hell just so they can have a piece of that gold.

These people often symbolize this perfect life with a tattoo in honor of the pirates of their wishes. Pirate ships could carry a desire to live in freedom against all odds, like the pirates lived freely, although the law and are the attempts of his life. Others, in part, the life of a pirate, can also be made to the traditional image of a pirate tattoo. Piracy is a modern term, software, music or movies to steal and use to your own objectives, which often refers to the free expression for people to enjoy. Two crossed swords, a skull wearing a blindfold (which are connected with the pirates in general), and many other. The take-what-you-want, Robin Hood philosophy is often associated with pirates, but not thrilled Tey share the wealth of their exploits on the high seas.

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