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Take this quiz to find out which of the most famous Christmas characters you are the most like!
If you were one of the characters on 'Friends,' would you be more like Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, or Joey? Chimneys and fireplaces on ChristmasThe fireplace is the place specifically prepared to light a fire with firewood inside a house. Currently the existence of fireplaces is becoming less common except in the homes of the colder regions.
A fireplace needs a smoke exit, this mean a duct that allow the evacuation of smoke and gases from the combustion to the outside of the housing. The relationship between fireplaces with Christmas obviously has its origin in countries of the Northern Hemisphere where Christmas holidays coincide with the arrival of winter.

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Formerly almost all of the houses had a place to light a fire in the living room or in the kitchen.
The fireplaces often are considered a simply decorative element in homes, due to the different and more efficient heating systems that have existed for many years. In the tale, he rescues 3 girls from a life of poverty by throwing 3 purses filled with gold coins through their window.
The place where the fire was lit was considered the center of the house, as you can see throughout history in images of families gathered in front of the blazing fire. Santa is also closely related to fireplaces and chimneys because according to tradition they are their access preferred to houses.

From the fireplaces most rustic and traditional, through which are decorated with mouldings and other ornaments to the more modern line. Here you can find many pictures of Santa Claus during Christmas Eve in different situations is to enter the houses from around the world. It's possible to find fireplaces that has been prepared as a source of heating for whole house through a duct system that lets heat other rooms.
The main reasons may be the lack of the proper combustible and suitable space to store it, dirt generated by the fire and the firewood, the smell of smoke that can permeate throughout the environment, to the fear of the possibility of provoking an incident or accident with the fire.

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