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Once, these beautiful birds lived only in India and Sri Lanka, but the beauty of the peacock’s plumage fame passed many other countries borders.
In general, trough the whole galiform family, males have a more impressive plumage than females. Closely related to pheasants, peacocks contrast is more spectacular especially in the feathers of the latter.
Peacocks are very strong birds, and caring, qualities that help them live 40 or even 50 years. In India, the peacock is considered the national bird, and for hundreds of years it was thought that this countries (and neighboring areas of Pakistan, Ceylon, Jawa, Malaysia) were the unique region of origin for peacocks.
Most species of male peacocks have their body covered with blue flakes (like the common peacock, scientific name Pavo cristalus), but there are variants of green color peacocks (Pavo muticus), white, brown, bright and even purple peacocks.

In fact, they become mature after only two years old since the peacocks make fertile eggs in the nest (which can give chicks). During mating, they want to impress the female peacock, its tail is spread like a fan and they shake it until it rustles.
In the wild laying for hatching usually begins in April, the female making one egg per day and making a total of between 7 and 10 eggs. I mean, the Congo peacock – a bird of the same family as its Asian neighbor, but what could not be explained is how he got to live alone thousands of miles within the African continent. Late in autumn on temperate countries, the male sheds, losing most of his beautiful tail feathers that forms it. If they are collected for hatchery Hatchability in a peacocks can be even 30 eggs (beige-brown, the size of the turkey).

In freedom, the female makes its nest in tall weeds shelter surrounded by bushes and shrubs or to not be discovered easily by raccoons, ferrets, skunks, opossum and other mammals that eat eggs.
Whereas the female, Peahen or Peafowl has a mixture of dull green, brown and grey in her plumage.

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