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It might be that you have tried everything possible and still have not succeeded in reducing stretch marks to bearable level. Using tattoos to cover stretch marks might sound like a little far-fetched idea, however it is absolutely feasible. Color of stretch marks – Success of placing a tattoo over stretch marks depends on the depth and darkness of stretch marks. Existing tattoos – If you already have a tattoo and stretch marks occur over it, tattoo design is likely to alter.
As the skin rapidly stretches to keep up with changes in our body, it tears a little, giving rise to streaks better known as stretch marks. Disclosure: This website is an officially authorized and remunerated associate for recommending high quality products.

If they are just light streaks, they are superficial and thus using tattoo to cover them up would work.
You want to tattoo over stretch marks but you also want that the design looks intact and goes effortlessly with your body. High resolution and widescreen wallpaper specifically designed for Desktop backgrounds and mobile. And I don’t mean covering up using makeup because that is temporary and can be time consuming.
In such a case, you would have to consult your tattoo artist again for a touch up or some addition to make the tattoo seem right. Thus, placing tattoos over stretch marks or this torn skin is different from placing tattoos over regular skin.

A skilled and experienced tattoo artist can also insure that above factors and complications are taken care of. There are plenty of subtle, creative and artistic designs that can take care of stretch marks on any body part – be it abdomen, arms, buttocks or legs.

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