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01: Navel (33%)I was not surprised in the least to see the navel topping the list of the most popular body piercings for women. 04: Tongue (16%)While the tongue piercing is certainly a popular option among men, I was a little surprised it only managed to make number 4 on the list.
A Daith piercing is the piercing done on outer rim of the ear cartilage which is closest to the head. For those who think single nose rings aren’t enough, then how about trying double nose piercing?
None of the pictures are mine, i would add credz but i have no idea where any of them are from . If I'm taking a long time to answer your questions or post your submissions, its just because I don't want to clog my follower's dashboards.
If you’re considering a tongue piercing though, you should be aware that tongue piercings need to be taken care of properly.
I think they’re a great option for those who want to step outside of their comfort zone and experiment with body piercing without taking it too far. While nose piercings were fairly common once upon a time, I haven’t seen them nearly as much in recent years. There are a lot of options to go with here, probably more than with the tongue piercing, and getting a non-lobe piercing can be more spontaneous than getting a tongue piercing.
Like a belly button ring on a woman, nipple piercings on a man are a great beach accessory.
I thought one ring is already enough to make a person look cool, but there are actually some who would go for double pierce.
If you were to choose, would you go with single, double, or even go the distance with those multiple piercings? It’s something you should really think through and do your homework on before you opt to get it done.

There are also a lot of great options out there for non-lobe ear piercing in terms of body jewelry with many stunning pieces you can choose from, My personal favorite was a skull and dagger piece. Aside from eyebrow studs, belly button rings are by far the most popular body jewelry item I sell. Much like with women, I’d caution men who are considering this option to think before they pierce. I’m not so sure how this would turn out since it’s quite odd to have even a single piercing on your nose. That actually would depend on your preference and how far you can challenge yourself with these.
I’ve known a lot of people that have gotten it done on a whim and have regretted the decision fairly quickly. The dagger was like a normal stud but the back was fitted with a piece that looked like the tip of the dagger while the front of the stud looked like the handle of the dagger so it looked as if it was going through the earlobe. You have a lot of options (stud on one nostril, hoops, septum piercings etc) when it comes to the nose and a wide variety of jewelry options. Choose an eyebrow ring that is bold but not too overpowering and you highlight your eyes in an edgy, interesting way.
If you think it through and understand what you’re getting into in terms of allowing your piercing to properly heal though, a tongue piercing might be a great idea. Of course not, just like not every woman can pull off the pierced belly button look but if you like it and you feel comfortable, do it! Instead of focusing on all of the different body piercings out there – there are far too many to really get into in a single article, I decided it would be more interesting to look at the most popular body piercings for women and the most popular body piercings for men. Of course, nose rings also look great on a variety of people which also helps make them more appealing and more popular. While naval piercings are the most popular piercing for women it doesn’t even crack the list for men.

I find it interesting to see how popular body piercings for men and women differ and I thought that would be interesting to look at.
There are many other variations on this theme as well or you could simply go with matching studs (or better yet, contrasting studs!) in your lobe and your non-lobe piercing.
Not everyone can pull off an eyebrow ring, a belly button ring or a lip ring but nearly everyone can pull off a nose ring. Piercings are ranked in order of the percentage of people that report having that piercing. I prefer eyebrow and lip piercings over most other piercings but I felt it wasn’t entirely fair to go on personal preference.
Men take a slight edge in the genital piercing department as well with 3% of men claiming pierced private parts over the female team’s 2%. If you’re curious though, earlobe piercings remain the most popular body piercing by rather wide margin with 83% of Americans reporting they either have or have had their ear lobes pierced. I thought nipple and tongue piercings would be higher and eyebrow piercings would’ve made the list over non-lobe ear piercings. For the record, eyebrow piercings came in at number 6 on the list with 8% of women reporting having their eyebrow pierced.
Nipple piercings offer a variety of options in terms of body jewelry and allow a person to easily conceal their piercings when they want to. In addition, many just feel nipple piercings are sexy and report more sensitive nipples after the piercing is in place although feedback I’ve heard is mixed.

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