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Today you will see that piercing of body parts is something in the way of art that involves using your own body as a canvas. Another reason that there are problems with this kind of piercing is that in snug piercing the fit of the jewelry used can be complicated and is put in right I the piercing. This is often the case when the person undertaking the piercing is not experienced and does not know what to do or does things in a hurried manner. The piercing of the snug is a highly delicate process that requires utmost care and precautions.
Get the piercing of the snug done by a piercer who has a good reputation and has the right qualifications. As and when the process of the snug piercing and the placing of the jewelry takes place, keep away any antiseptic or alcohol to the area. Be firm and sure of the jewelry that you are going to get in the snug piercing as once you have the jewelry fitted it will be very difficult to have it changed.
Pitbull tattoo by The RoseThis tattoo is actually cover up to a stupid tweety bird tattoo that i got 8 years ago, Rose covered it perfectly I couldn't ask for a better artist. Earlier on the most commonly seen piercing was that of the ear lobes and that too predominantly among women. You should make sure that you go to a person who is properly qualified to do that job and has the right equipment to do it. With things going wrong with the piercing there are also chances of inflammation occurring.
If you want to make sure that there are no infections resulting from this or to avoid any complications whatsoever then you should be really careful. Ensure that the place where you get it done has the right licenses and permits to run such a business.
Let the process of healing take place in natural way without the hindrance of any other agents. This is because the piercing shape is done on the shape of the jewelry and jewelry may need another shape.
And while the traditional earlobe piercing has been around for ages, it seems like nontraditional ear piercing locations have been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years.
This is actually the mid portion of the ear and is located slightly above the anti tragus area. Also ensure that the person who is doing the procedure uses proper sterilization techniques.
Sometimes when things go really wrong with the way the piercing goes is when the ear snug is ripped up during the process of piercing.
This will add to the assurance that the piercing salon follows the right procedure to do the snug piercing.
The central upper lip piercing is what’s known as a Medusa piercing, and many people get them in combination with the lower lip too. We’re going to take a look at some of the coolest, most modern and totally DIFFERENT ear piercing types- all of which will leave you with a totally ravishing yet still dainty and feminine appearance.1. Now there are more areas being pierced across the body and we have different names for them. This portion is named the shrug and piercing has just taken the name of the area being pierced.

In case the needles that are used for snug piercing are not handled with care, you may land up with infections. Most of these names are derived from the way the piercing is done or its resemblance to an object or an occurrence. You might be in the market for a Medusa.Lip piercings can be both fun and interesting, however the Medusa piercing is one that many individuals are opting for since it creates such a simple addition to accent the lips.
Like for example the Snake Bite is a name that is derived from the result of the piercing that makes the area pierced to resemble that of the fangs of the snake. Many individuals say that the lips are one of the sexiest parts of the body and lip piercings always see to make them just a bit sexier!
In fact, the earlobe piecing could easily be referred to as the foundation of all ear piercings. What is more the snug is also quite sensitive so piercing will have to be done with a lot of care. Being that Medusa piercings are done in that cute part of the lip that created that little indent, or dimple as some people like to call it, it is more easily recognizable than any other lip piercing. The location is the mirror opposite of the labret piercing and in turn, uses the exact same labret stud jewelry. IndustrialIndustrial piercings used to be total shockers- the ‘out of the box’ piercing everyone was afraid to get. Especially during the first week or two, smoking is unacceptable as it can increase the chances of infection.
While clear alcohol and wine are permissible, you should also stay away from beer since it contains yeast.Medusa piercings are usually done with a 16 or 14 gauge labret stud to ensure enough space is accounted for.
Also referred to as a scaffold piercing, the industrial piercing can be most easily described as a double piercing bound by one bar: yes, that means two holes on two opposite ends of your ear. While you will most likely be pierced with an extra long gauge initially, this is done to accommodate the natural swelling that you will experience during the healing process. This particular piercing has a rather long healing time of up to a year, but come on- how seriously rockin’ does this piercing look?!
We love it, and we love how many bar designs are on the market, from a simple silver arrow bar like this one to the most extravagant masterpieces with chains and charms dangling every which way.3. This will accommodate the surface portion of the piercing, however the entire healing process, tissue and all, can take anywhere up to 6 months to fully heal. OrbitalHere’s another great ear piercing that is designed to have two separate holes utilize the same piece of jewelry.
While you will not feel swelling or pain during this time, you will notice that the piercing may feel sore at various times, especially when changing the gauge.Medusa Piercing AftercareSuch an incredibly sexy piercing should be handled with care to ensure that it remains as such. An orbital differs from an industrial in the placement of the holes: they are much close together, thus making it the ideal placement for a smaller piece of jewelry like this simple hoop. Man people find that using a Q-tip with ointment is the easiest way to keep the surface piercing lubricated and free from infection.
Orbitals can be placed just about anywhere on the ear, but we especially adore this upper cartilage placement. However, since the inside of the piercing is located in such a delicate spot, rubbing against the gums, the easiest way to provide aftercare is using antiseptic mouthwash and staying away from sugary or salty foods that can leave build up around the jewelry.
For the first few weeks, it may be extremely difficult to lift your upper lip in order to see or clean the interior piercing, this is where the mouthwash will come in handy.

And no, don’t be frightened: this piercing isn’t pronounced as ‘death’ and won’t make you feel like you’re dying, either. Located just above the ear canal, this inner cartilage piercing requires a special type of needle thanks to its difficult location. But even though it may be a pest to pierce, we can’t dismiss how totally awesome the result looks- unbelievably swank and trendy! Mix and match with tons of different jewelry pieces to get the look you want, like this lovely moon-shaped piece!5.
This shallow piercing is definitely on the quirky yet chic side of style and has a healing time of up to 16 weeks.
Unless of course you’re going for the absolute full effect, in which case you could end up with up to 30 holes in the side of your ear. Helix piercings go up the entire length of the outer ear, and you can really have as many holes as you want. The cool thing about this piercing is you can mix and match with tons of cute jewelry pieces!7. Just think about it: I’m sure one of your friends- if not two or three- are already sporting this style.
The triple studs are nothing short of dazzling and downright chic, with the perfect dash of flirty attitude to tie it together perfectly. Seriously, if you’re in the mood for a gorgeous triple-threat ear piercing, consider this one!9.
But come on, that set of diamonds on her inner ear is just too modernistic and swank to pass up.
Inner ConchThink of the inner conch piercing as the adorable little jewel nestled tightly in your ear- and yes, it IS as cute as it sounds. The large space makes an ideal canvas to paint your prettiest pictures- or, of course, dazzle and shine with plenty of jewels.
Keep it simple and stylish with a single outer conch piercing, or make a statement with several different jewels in all different colors and shapes.
This truly is a remarkable location for a piercing and the options are practically limitless. Aside from being adorable in every sense of the word, tragus piercings are also one of THEE most popular piercings in the female community, and we can see why! We’re madly in love with this cute little star, but you could literally put any piece of jewelry in this spot and it would look lovely. If you don’t want to go overboard with your next piercing and just want to keep things cute and simple, we highly recommend the tragus!Have you made an appointment with your piercer yet? I know I’m tempted after seeing this list of adorable ear piercings!What’s your favorite ear piercing?

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