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Anyway, we got there, I got my fish, it didn’t hurt all that badly, and I still love it just as much today as I did 10  years ago.
My second tattoo was a portrait of my horse Jack’s grandfather and it’s on my back, in between my shoulder blades. I knew I wanted a tattoo that represented Jack, but I didn’t want a portrait of him because if it didn’t turn out exactly right, I knew it would drive me crazy for the rest of my life.
My third tattoo is on my right wrist and is a skull and crossed swords (from the pirate Jack Rackham’s flag) with my godson’s initials underneath it.
About Latest Posts Meg KeysmashHistorian with lots of useless knowledge about mules and pirates. Some one really needs to up with a universal fangirl logo, something that when people see it they ask ‘Oh what’s your fandom? For two weeks prior to the party I drew the star on my wrist in marker, in the spot I was considering, to see if I liked it.
I have plans to get two in the near future, but as of right now, I only have one, which is of Mariah Carey’s logo. This is what happens when a group of lost, confused no-longer-teenybopper fangirls put their considerable brains (and arguably considerable talents) together. We pay server costs out of pocket, and they get more expensive as time goes on (mostly because you all are awesome and our traffic goes up).
The Jolly Roger is probably the most iconic symbol of pirates and is a very popular tattoo design. Other pirate tattoo designs are portraits of pirates, prostitutes, treasure maps, treasure chests, unlabeled bottles of alcohol (the pirates are usually depicted as a heavy drinker of alcohol, especially rum), (or women who do business with pirates at the gate) hangman loops, aquatic animals, birds such as gulls, terns, octopus, whales and sharks, but also mythical creatures like mermaids, sirens, and the octopus said, a mythical sea monster lives off the coast of Norway. Pirate tattoos can be in the style of the Old School tattoos ocean is done first, colors with heavy black lines and bright. Twenty years ago, the idea of someone like me having tattoos, much less visible tattoos, was unheard of.
So today I want to share my ink with you and I hope that you’ll tweet us or leave comments with your own tattoo stories. I wondered if I would still like it if my boyfriend and I broke up, since not only was he the one who drew it, but the three bubbles coming out of the fish’s mouth mean “I love you.” I do still love it, even though after nearly eight years together our relationship became incredibly toxic and our breakup was nasty. His name was Donnerwetter and while I never knew him myself, I learned a lot about him from someone who had known him since he was a foal. So I went with a profile of Donnerwetter, but gave him wings that wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Professional beast wrangler and full-time crazy cat lady with a sheep who walks on a leash. I have lost a lot of people in my life either through natural causes, accidents, suicide or drugs so I wanted something to represent all of them. I’m not entirely happy with the tattoo itself and I really need to get it touched up and finished, but it could have turned out a lot worse.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted one or not, even though it seemed like a great reason to get one. It got to the point where it would wash off and I would miss it, so I knew for sure I wanted to get it. You never know what we’re going to talk about (though the menus at the top may give you an idea) but we can guarantee there will be capslocking and keysmashing involved. While tattoos are often small tattoos, Jolly Roger’s pirate ship can be quite large and wide, often with a Jolly Roger as the flag.

Davy Jones, a reference to God or controller of the sea, the pirate tattoos because it’s a great character in the folklore and stories of sea pirates. It will go right above the pirate and my godson’s initials on my wrist and will be a quote from one of my favorite songs. Even though I still have strangers come up to me and grab my hand, ask me if it hurt, and want to know why I’d get a skull inked onto my wrist, I think that most people don’t give my tattoos a second thought. My parents were out of town and my best friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend at the time were all spending the weekend at my house. It reminds me of a really great time in my life, despite the bullshit that came along afterwards. He was born in Germany and had a pretty rough life until he was purchased by an American woman and imported to the States.
I got it done in my living room and it was definitely the most painful out of all the ones I have. I got it not long after my godson was born so it only seemed right to include a little piece of him in the tattoo as well. Commemorative tattoos are so cool and it’s really awesome when people put a lot of thought and care into them. And then Jon drew up the design for his tattoo, and in the design were all these asymmetrical stars. The whole day after I got I would stare at my wrist because it just felt right having it there, I was so in love with it. Pirate’s life lived outside the scope of the Convention and does not obey the laws or the government of a country to decide. The design was a flag, usually black, a design for people who are confronted with a ship flying the Jolly Roger, a skull and often featured anxiety. Davy Jones Locker “refers to the bottom of the ocean would be a sailor or pirate to eventually drown. I’m going with my brother, who I haven’t seen in nearly eight months, and when it’s all said and done, I’ll have not only a permanent reminder of a special time in my life, but also a shared memory that I know will always be important to me.
I work for a government agency and they don’t even care if we have visible tattoos, as long as they’re not offensive.
We’d been laying around all day, being completely lazy, when someone suggested we go get tattoos.
The fish even has a tiny ‘G’ on his forehead, which stands for Genesis, my first horse who died the summer before that February.
He was opinionated and moody, particular about the people he trusted, and definitely didn’t get along well with other horses. It’s not quite finished and one day (when Jack is gone) I’d like to add a quote and some stars around it. When I got the call that his mom was going into labor, I was standing in front of a cannon that had been recovered from The Queen Anne’s Revenge (Blackbeard’s ship) talking about the history of pirates in North Carolina.
Lets just hope I never find the money for them all or I’ll end up looking like Harry Styles! It did feel like hot knives slicing through me, but once the adrenaline starting flowing I barely noticed the pain. Normally, the Jolly Roger flies on board the ship they were in the immediate delivery of the shocking attack.
Or because they fear instead of or as a result of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean people, a pirate ship with black sails, white tattoos.

The technology of tattoo ink and has a long way to go, but in detail, fine lined tattoo designs now possible. Tattoos have really become an art form and I think it’s more rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have one.
I’ll never forget the day that I got it, the people I was with, or the feeling of having that first new, fresh tattoo. He was an amazingly talented horse, though, and if he was having a good day, riding him was a dream come true.
I got the tattoo in Chicago when I went to visit some friends for the premiere of the third Twilight movie.
Sometimes these designs are made on ghostly boats when the ship is haunted or out of the mist, like the convicted Flying Dutchman (a mythical ghost ship doomed to return to the sea forever, never to return home).
While the color patterns are still numerous, pirate tattoos can also be run only in black, with negative space and positive image of the beautiful shade looks like a charcoal or pencil drawing. The only tattoo parlor on the island at that time was over an hour away so I had plenty of time to get completely worked up over the idea of a bunch of needles stabbing ink into my skin. It needs to be touched up around the outside and some of the blue in the middle has faded, but I think I’ll leave it the way it is. The more I learned about him, the more I realized that my Jack was not only a spitting image of him, but that they led nearly parallel lives. Other times, was the ship through the rough waves and strong cut, like the pirate sword those who refuse to be him.
But there is something very attractive to the simpler style retro old school tattoo designs. It represents all the traveling I’ve done over the last decade, physically and emotionally, and I like that it’s a little rough around the edges.
Donnerwetter’s son Donnerhall (Jack’s father) was one of the most prolific and successful dressage horses in the world and tends to be the one people recognize and remember, but Donnerwetter is the reason my boy is my soulmate.
I know I’ll never regret having his initials on my pulse point and the pirate makes me think of my home, the sea, and my history. These people often symbolize this perfect life with a tattoo in honor of the pirates of their wishes.
Pirate ships could carry a desire to live in freedom against all odds, like the pirates lived freely, although the law and are the attempts of his life. Others, in part, the life of a pirate, can also be made to the traditional image of a pirate tattoo. Piracy is a modern term, software, music or movies to steal and use to your own objectives, which often refers to the free expression for people to enjoy. Two crossed swords, a skull wearing a blindfold (which are connected with the pirates in general), and many other. I really wanted something for my son and debated for months on having his name tattooed on my wrist.
The take-what-you-want, Robin Hood philosophy is often associated with pirates, but not thrilled Tey share the wealth of their exploits on the high seas. One for my dad, one for me and one for my son with room for another heart to be added if I have another child.

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