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A birthday can be seen as a serious or joyful time depending on one's age and one's attitude towards life.
During my cyber travels I have found some Friendship or Love related Poetry Pages that I felt were following a similar theme to my quotes page. If you have, or know of, a Poetry Page with a Friendship or Love theme, please let me know. After you have finished visiting my pages and Signed my Guest Book, you may like to visit the following sites.
Please join my mailing list if you would like to be notified of updates to the Friendship Quotes Page. I found this wonderful poem at The Poetry Gardenand Donna kindly allowed me to use it here.Please do not copy without her permission.
The following poem is from Netsoup.Please do not copy this poem without Tammi's permission. Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Laurieann Kellyso that I may get her approval to display her work on my page? If you know the author of this poem please let me know.If you are the author of this poem please contact meand I will give you the credit or remove it, whichever you prefer.

If you like my page, and would like to place a link on your own page, please feel free to do so. Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Since the theme of this site is multimedia arts for wellness & wellbeing, our contribution here (and all the other pages) revolves around promoting arts as solutions - using artistic creativity to connect with your loved one. Need original presents?Ones that are free and you can send electronically to anywhere on the planet? Friends that are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you are down, they are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and they look out for your best interest. There are some aspects of our lives that require that we spend a lot of time together or a lot of writing to help convey our feelings.
There are plenty ways to express your love with words, and this is where you get artistic ideas to make it happen. Most of us appeciate more the fact that our loved one has actually wrote it than the content itself.
This kind of friend can be hard to find, but they offer a friendship that will last a lifetime.

In some friendships you may feel a sense of equality, while in others there may be a clear sense that one is giving more to the friendship then the other.
These are all thoughts that may came up on a birthday, but the main thing is to use a birthday as an opportunity to celebrate life and be joyful for the chance to be with friends and family.
Having humor in your life is not just a matter of a good time, it's also a matter of living longer. In fact, many poems find their inspiration from the joy brought about by a loving friendship or the pain caused by a failed friendship. Putting just the right combination of words on paper in a succinct style may just hit the spot. Often when you have a friendship that has lasted a long time you continue to share memories of humorous interactions that you shared.
You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue the friendship even after not talking for many years.

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