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Polynesians were seafaring people who developed the earliest navigation system to sail through the seas. They are very large built people due to the constant rowing of their canoes and hard island life. They are said to come from a mystical place called Hawaiiki, which sunk under water many thousands of years ago.
From there they rowed there large Canoes called Waka, and throughout their journey they settled in parts of Asia, India and various parts of the world, but Easter Island was the first stop. They eventually separated off to the different islands we know today, as Samoa, Rarotonga and Tahiti just to name a few.
The Tiki is a very important symbol to all Polynesian people, and there are many different looking ones. In Polynesian culture the war God Tu was represented as a Turtle, Polynesian warriors would cover themselves in Turtle Tattoos believing the hard shell acted as armour against their enemies. Hawaiians believe it was Honu (means turtle) who navigated the Hawaiians to their new home. Sea shells are very common on Polynesian tattoo designs; they can mean a number of things, such as protection, marriage or intimacy.
The sun can mean a number of things within a Polynesian tattoo, Brilliance, life or leadership, and can go with other symbols such as the above. All these symbols when placed together in different ways can mean something different from other Polynesian designs, such as the sun and ocean together could represent something significant to the wearer, or the turtle, surrounded by the tiki, could mean the ultimate protection. If you are considering getting a Polynesian tattoo, I hope my post has helped you understand a little of the meaning and history of the people they came from, and the importance of each line.
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Learn how you can do the same, Click Here and on the next page enter your name and email, and I’ll send you the FREE video that shows how simple blogs like this can earn you 100% commissions. Angel Wings Tattoo Designs although each wearer has their own specific meaning of why they wear any Tattoo, an angel wing can be a representation of one’s faith or belief. An angel according to Wikipedia is a supernatural being in human form with giant wings, the angel is a messenger of God. The wings being there most predominate feature, is what inspired the Tattoo, hence the name Angel Wings Tattoo.
No matter how broken I feel, I can look in the mirror and be reminded of the angel wings I have on my back, to pick me up fly away and be free.

Wearing the angel wings on my back is my desire to be a good person, It has helped develop good ethics and develop good priorities. My angel wings are a little dark on one side and lighter on the other, this represents both sides of me.
Some men who have Angel Wing Tattoos have said it’s a way of expressing their love for a woman, there passion, loyalty and devotion. A woman should be careful when meeting a man with Angel Wings Tattoos; she could be surprised at his love and devotion towards her, even if she does not feel as strongly towards him.
Some wear the design to protect them from evil; fearing the worse all the time, the angel wings give them a sense of protection against negative people and circumstances.
There are so many different styles of angel wing tattoos, you can have the 1 wing type, or the full 2 wings, some wear them on their shoulders some directly on the back. There are also ones with the mother Mary with angel wings or an in loving memory of a person and on the side of the name is the angel wings. Some women have them on the lover back near the tail bone, or completely wrapped around them like a hugging effect. Take a look below for some great ideas, also listed below this post are places you can download and print out to take to your local Tattoo Parlour. Many ancient cultures considered the dolphin as the king of all fish, not the dominating kind, the gracious and wise kind. I think we would all agree these symbols fit the dolphin very well, just by looking at them and observing there way of life, we know that they are loving caring creatures of the sea, and kings of the waters.
Christians believe the Dolphin is found in the purest of waters, and symbolises absolute strength, it cannot be controlled, except only by the love for mankind. Dolphins are said to be the figure used instead of the cross, 300 years after the lord’s ascension.
There are countless stories about the Dolphin; they warn fisherman of oncoming storms or other major weather conditions.
A dolphin was seen saving a dog from drowning, the dog was on the back of the Dolphin and the Dolphin took him to shore. In Greek mythology Dolphins are said to help sailors that were drowning, saving people from shark attacks, also guiding ships back to shore from dangerous waters. A group of 12 divers were lost in the Red Sea for 13 hours, they were surrounded by dolphins the whole entire time. The rescuers said a number of dolphins were in front of them diving up into the air as if they were showing them where the stranded divers were..

Dolphins throughout history have nothing but positive stories and events surrounding them, therefore deciding on a dolphin tattoo design can represent positivity, change, gentleness or any of the above symbolism. It can represent or express someone’s deep desire for spirituality, wisdom or balanced life style. Some people like to get them simply because there cute, and dolphins seem to always have a smile on their face. No matter what you decide, a Dolphin Tattoo Design will remind you of the beauty of life, the positive rather than the negative, helping others instead of downing them, be 1 with the Dolphin, once it’s on your flesh let the heart of the Dolphin be in your soul..
The internet has made life a lot easier, you now have the ability to browse through thousands of Tattoo Designs, print them out and take them to your local Tattoo Shop and they will put them on you. Polynesian Style Tattoo Designs are perfect to take to your tattoo artist ready to transfer!
They believe the waves and the ocean is where they will all return to when death comes for them. Dolphins are believed to be the watcher of the waters, the guardian of all things water associated and protector of the seas.
The area was well known for Sharks, but the Dolphins kept them away until the rescue boat showed up.
I highly reccommend the following 2 sites, they have been around for years and have built a great reputation for themselfs.
They are usually used to not only express specific meanings but also fill some blank blocks in order to shape complete patterns. Polynesian people regard the ocean as their final destination where they go when passed away. Besides, the ocean is also regarded as their source of food and can represent life, fertility and persistence.
Ocean waves are used to symbolize the other world beyond too, which is a homeland where all ancestors live, where they’ll eventually be. Notify me of new posts by email.Subscribe to Get Various Designs and Pictures!Get new collected designs, pictures and all information about Polynesian Tattoo.

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