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In modern history, red poppy became the symbol of the remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime after the trench warfare which took place in the poppy fields of Flanders during the 1st World War. A lot of people ink red poppy tattoos simply because of the attraction of the beautiful flowers.
Poppy tattoos are a rarity and are specifically adorned by women, probably because of the bright colors of this special flower. There can be no precise explanation for choosing the poppy tattoo, however, this article will try to provide some probable explanation.
Many people prefer getting a very simple tattoo of the poppy flower which shows a naked stem without any leaves. Poppy flowers represent true love and loyalty between two lovers, which is why many prefer getting tattoo designs which show two poppy flowers set besides each other. Many people get the tattoo of an open poppy flower facing outwards to show their mark of respect to the veterans and the war heroes of World War I. Women especially find poppy flower designs extremely alluring as these have since forever held a sense of magnetism, fragility, free-spiritedness, and strength. When we think of poppy, the first thing we all think about is Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, from whom the name of the drug Morphine has been derived.
The poppy flower is the emblem of the Greek goddess, Demeter, which is a bright red flower depicted along with barley. The poppy flower has since time immemorial signified eternal sleep or death, the sleep is eternal because of the opiate that the poppy plant yields. For the Romans the poppy flower symbolized everlasting beauty, fertility, supernatural powers and wealth. Floral designs are popular with female tattoo enthusiasts the world over however one of the less commonly requested designs has to be the poppy tattoo but this is actually a very beautiful image with an interesting history that is also highly symbolic. Thanks to its distinctive open cup-like shape and the submissive part it plays in fertilization, a poppy tattoo also symbolizes all things feminine. This species of flower can actually be traced much further back and according to Greek mythology, they were formed from Aphrodite’s tears that fell as she mourned Adonis upon his death. There are a great many ideas available online for a poppy tattoo so if you need any inspiration then check out some of the websites and galleries available. From time to time cupped shape poppy flower came into our view among the beautiful tattoos. The white poppy is an international symbol of remembrance for all the casualties of war – civilians and armed forces personnel. There is a natural enigma attached to this flower and every civilization has revered it for their own significant reasons. Some may get this design, because it's their birth flower and they believe it will bring them luck, while others might simply be enchanted by the sheer beauty of this flower.

These tattoos usually include lettering with words written about how they feel about one another and the fact that the love they share for each other is everlasting and eternal. The poppy flower is also the official emblem used during November 11th as it is universally known as the Remembrance Day or the Poppy Day.
Many would agree that all these attributes are very akin to that of a woman's personality as well.
She is believed to be Zeus's elder sister, which may explain why the poppy was Zeus's favorite flower. The correlation of death with poppy, is because of its spectacular shade of red and the color of blood. In USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand plastic poppy flowers are worn in honor of veterans who died in the Flanders Fields during World War I.
The reason being that poppy as a plant has a bad reputation for being associated with opium, and being the root cause of heroin addiction. For centuries flowers have represented the earth and nature personified with their succinct life cycles that go from birth to death, through procreation and renewal. The poppy and its close relative the anemone are more commonly associated with death and sleep having symbolized the fall of soldiers since the first World War.
Another legend from popular folklore told of fairies sleeping within the anemone’s closed petals and waking as they opened in the morning light. Choosing any floral design can be quite daunting due to the vast symbolism behind each flower.
The White Poppy was first introduced by the Women’s Co-operative Guild in 1933 and was intended as a lasting symbol for peace and an end to all wars. If you have interest in the mystery flower tattoos, here is the list of showcase for your inspiration.
Therefore, what exactly is the intention behind getting this particular tattoo may best be explained by the person getting inked with it.
The idea behind this design is to draw attention to the bright red colored petals of the poppy flower. On this day, every year, people all over Europe, UK and the USA pay their respects to the people who died in both the world wars. Which may explain why long winding and intricately designed tattoos are adorned mostly by women. He was the messenger of the gods, and was sent to sooth people after a traumatic experience or for pleasurable escapades of thought, through vivid dreams and visions. Demeter's daughter Persephone is abducted by Haides, who makes her his wife and takes her to his abode, back into the underworld. Which is why a tattoo showing only the flowers would be the best option if your intention is to avoid being tagged as a rebel.

Around the world, different flowers have differing meanings from culture to culture however many white flowers are associated with purity or innocence while red ones signify passion or Christ’s blood. Perhaps one of the best known poppies is the Opium Poppy which in itself symbolizes sleep and oblivion.
In medieval times this flower was believed to be able to protect against evil and used accordingly as a symbol of protection. Many flower tattoos can take on differing meanings according to the color or surrounding images so it is worth looking into the language of flowers in more detail. Despite the fact the drugs of opium, codeine and morphine extracted from the flower, poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death. While some have designs which show the black central core of flower, others like to keep the tattoo simple and show only the petals and the stem. These tattoos look the most appealing when drawn on the entire part starting from beneath the armpits until the end of the waist. He could transform and make himself look like others, which helped him gain the trust of the people he was conveying a message to. Demeter is inconsolable because of the disappearance of her beloved daughter and sets out to search the earth for her, along with goddess Hekate. However some prefer the tattoo extending over their entire back, or on the nape of the neck. During her search she learns that her own brother Zeus was involved in the abduction and thus wrecks havoc, by ceasing all new life on earth.
It should ideally deliver a positive message, after all flowers have been used to comfort the dying and heal the sick for centuries, so use your body art to bring love and joy to someone too. These designs usually show poppy flowers blooming on vine twirled branches which show leaves as well as other delicate additions to the plant. Finally, Zeus had to give in to her scourge, and offered to get his niece back to his sister.
However, since Persephone had eaten some pomegranate seeds from the underworld, she was required to spend a part of each year with her husband. Thus, winter became the season when she left her mother Demeter to be with Haides, while spring came to be known as the season of her joyful return to her mother.

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