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Those that are voluptuous and given to appetite are glad to be where there is good cheer stirring, and those that are covetous and saving, that they may spare at home, will be glad to get a dinner at another man's table and therefore both are here advised not to be forward to accept of every man's invitation, but especially not to thrust themselves in uninvited.
It is the duty of children to study how they may gladden the hearts of their good parents, and do it yet more and more, so that they may greatly rejoice in them, even when the evil days come and the years of which they say they have no pleasure in them but this, to see their children do well, as Barzillai to see Chimham preferred. He bids thee eat freely, but, first or last, he will discover his sordid covetous humor, and as he thinks in his heart so will he look, and give thee to understand that thou art not welcome, and then the morsel thou hast eaten thou shalt vomit up the very thought of that will make thee even to vomit the meat thou hast eaten, and eat the words thou has spoken in returning his compliments and giving him thanks for his civilities. There are those that pretend to bid their friends welcome that are not hearty and sincere in it.
They have a fair tongue, and know what they should say: Eat and drink, saith he, because it is expected that the master of the feast should so compliment his guests but they have an evil eye, and grudge their guests every bit they eat, especially if the eat freely.

They would seem to be liberal in making the entertainment, and would have the credit of it, but they have so great a love to their money, and so little to their friends, that they cannot have the comfort of it, nor any enjoyment of themselves or their friends. Those are completely such as they should be who are not only wise (that is, knowing and learned), but righteous (that is, honest and good), and not only righteous (that is, conscientious and well-meaning), but wise (that is, prudent and discreet) in the management of themselves. If a man be so very selfish, and sordid, and mean that he cannot find in his heart to bid his friends welcome to what he has, he ought not to add to that the guilt of dissimulation by inviting them, but let him own himself to be what he is, that the vile person may not be called liberal nor the churl bountiful, Isaiah 32:5. One can have no comfort in accepting the entertainments that are given grudgingly: "Eat not thou the bread of such a man let him keep it to himself.
Do not sponge upon those that are bountiful, nor make thyself burdensome to any but especially scorn to be beholden to those that are paltry and not sincere.

Thou thinkest to pay thy respect to him as a friend, so thou takest him to be, because he compliments thee, but as he thinks in his heart so is he, not as he speaks with his tongue." We are that really, both to God and man, which we are inwardly and neither religion nor friendship is worth any thing further than as it is sincere.

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