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Evelyn Lozada Goes For A RIDE In The NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, Shaunie Says 3 "Basketball Wives" Need To Be AXED From The Show!
Evelyn threw on her red Reebok Classic sneakers and tight red pants and PR tee to ride on lawyer Javier Solano's float for the NYC annual Puerto Rican Day parade. This was a just an elongated Jerry Springer show, with extra cash with an attempt to be fashion forward. Out of all the Afro latin group, Dominicans are the most insecure, low self esteem and self hate. These are some of the most non productive, lazy, uneducated, ignorant, violent people in the country. I'd like to know if they have reconciled since the reunion taping which was shot maybe a month ago. This is a very scary day for all New Yorkers and we make sure that we flee to our summer homes where the PuertoRican people ar not allowed.
ENDOGAMY= means that white Puerto Ricans marry family memebers to maintain the family's lighter skin because White Puerto Ricans believe lighter skinned Puerto Ricans have more class and are better than dar skinned Puerto Ricans. All of the Latinas who make in big in Hollywood and society are white Latinas because as Gloria Torres said, people want their Latinas to look either Italian or Spanish, not like Lala or Evelyn. Eva Longoria mentioned that she's the darkest of all of her sisters and she's the ONLY one who made it in Hollywood. Every one of them claim to be half puerto rican because they don't want to say they are more black which is very stupid because they are some of the ones with the most African blood line. And the dark skinned ones are even worst I'm just happy that I am a white Latina with options.

They are all jealous and resentful of real latino people because we contribute to society while Puerto Ricans are all on welfare here as well as back on that welfare island they escaped from. White Latinas look better and have better breeding but these large agressive colored PuertoRicans are quite intimidating and monstrous.
YOu can get yours too, call these people at 877-873-0853 - they did an amazing job for me and fo a price that can't be beat nowhere, cheap as fuck. Just look at how big Sofia Vergara is and she isn't even American but she will get the roles that no black Latina would ever be considered for because of her looks.
I was disgusted to watch her sit there and pretend like SHE was the victim when she instigated all of it. It shouldn't even be a subject, especially if your ass is just a regular white or black person in America. This crap fest show personifies the negative stereotypes black women currently undergo on a daily. Puerto Ricans are a conceited group of people who think too highly of themselves but nothing to offer. John milkdud enemy-mine-head-sleestack- face Salley is such an ass kisser and truly one thee worst hosts in TV history.
We embrace especially the yoruba culture in Nigeria which is a big part of our music, and food. I just hope with all these new changes going on with her, her attitude improves and she starts to count her blessings and be grateful for all that she has. Without the mainstream actually knowing WHO you are (damn gag orders), she has served NO purpose to the show in the last 3 years.

I don't care how many brand name bags you carry, diamonds you wear and times you get John Salley to co-sign your dispicable behavior you are not a good person.
Shaunie is a ratings whore and someone in the business world can not and should not respect. IN TRUTH I SUSPECT THAT MOST PEOPLE APPRECIATE DARK LATINOS (IF THERE'S INDEED SUCH A THING) BECAUSE THEN THEY LOOK EXOTIC AND UNIQUE. She's a bit more mature but a real woman would not lower themselves and continue with this show.
Let's see if she stands by her own self -proclaimed I'm classy statement and leaves the show. Let's see if she stands by her own self proclaimed I'm classy statement and leaves the show.
I really watched this show just to see if any type of sisterhood would be shown and disappointingly got violence, countless inebriation, and sheer recklessness among immature women. If I wanna see shit sit and spin, I'll just take a crap think of BasketBRAWL Wives and flush it down the toilet. Keshia should work on her self-esteem and build confidence to stand up to playground bullies. People who have better things to do should tune into something of substance instead of lining the pockets of misfits with low to no morals and poor judgment.

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