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But it's not only big, it's also has some of the best, most high-quality content we've ever published.
Anyhow, I'm not going to bother doing a summary of what's in store for you this issue like I do normally, partly because it's already been delayed, but mostly because it's so darn big that it would take me too long to type it all up. If you want to write about something, but can't think of a topic, or need inspiration, email me! Not that I have a problem with windows long live bill gates, I guess it's somewhat the American way.
Finally after many hours of searching I found my answer for one of my silly projects in the form of ASM programming. During that same search I came across and article about designing your own compiler for qbasic or other type languages but did not bothered reading it because again just an intermediate programmer. Anyway I m still going to stick with it after all it is my hobby and I believe in the project so I figured I would send this email to some of the great basic sites and to some programmers whose code impressed me. Starting this email I did not know what I would say but reading back I guess I had plenty to say after all; so, I will not bore you any more. Some of the other things I m trying to do is although I m designing a whole lot of new keywords I realize that sooner or later I will have to use ASM as a user of my compiler. Going through the Internet I found a lot of cool small subs and functions that improved or speed up or made programming in qbasic easier and I thought to my self they should ve been included.
Anyway that is my project to create a, hopefully better, new qbasic using c++, asm and nifty qbasic programming.
Errors at the compiler level since I would have to generate these errors on the users syntax and on every thing else the user inputs this is way beyond my scope of programming.
Implementing in line assembly in my world I don t see what the problem is , I see no problem for in-lining ASM or c++ however asm for qbasic is a new concept for me and I don t know enough about it, and how it relates to qbasic or on my own generating the proper code to utilize in my own cold thank god for cut and paste . IM leaning towards leaving behind qlb for dll files as well as keywords: goto, screen or at least most of them and about three others. Well I guess that's it for now again thank you for reading this any help would be appreciated. I suggest instead of going commando and trying to build your own compiler from the ground up, you join forces with V1ctor and other FB contributors like lillo and DrV to help make the FreeBasic compiler even better.
Well, he doesn't understand why I still code ascii game with QBasic, so I guess we're "even". Now as for if QBasic is dying, I still have to stick with my original view on this issue: yes it is. I hate to take the pessimist's viewpoint, but I just have to admit it: the QB part of the QB scene is in serious decline.
This letter is basically to comment on the letter from Lachie, and comment on your comment to the letter from lachie ;-).
I also noticed that you talked about my upcoming IDE :-) I know I announced it before, I had to put that project on the back burner a bit (to complete a few other things) but as you've seen by that post that you provided, I've went back to developing the ide and things are moving well. Again, one issue outdoes the past issues and I for one have nothing bad to say about it except maybe that I want EVEN BIGGER issues to read, I just can't get enough of it. I must say that seeing so much activity on the FB side is a very refreshingly good surprise (well not much of a surprise really, since we know the impact FB has) but very refreshing to see.
Keep up the good work, I think I know what I'll do for my 3 part on file manipulation, not what we talked about but I think a good logical next step to Random Access Files, expect that in for the next Issue :-). As for Lachie's letter about excluding "crappy" content, you guys all know where I stand on that issue.
BUT: I'll be the first to admit that some of the content we publish in QB Express is of less quality than other stuff. You're right, tt's great to hear from "old names" from the Qmunity of old -- like yourself!
Webmasters: If you're interested in taking advantage of Robin's free hosting, check out this article the News Briefs section for more details. Space shooters are by far one of the most popular genres among QB programmers because of their fast pace, frenetic action, and most of all, because they're pretty easy to make. This poll, as you can see, ended up being a dead-heat between the late Milo Sedlacek's classic Monospace shooter, in all its monochromatic glory, and Adigun A. Surprisingly, every game in the poll got at least one vote, proving that there is no truly dominant game in the QB space shooter field.
Na_th_an and aetherfox have launched Los Monos del Obus, a blog-style site dedicated to their mutual projects. Now when you visit The Basic Network, you're met with this ominous one-line notice: "The Basic Network has closed its doors forever. MystikShadows and Lurah teamed up this month to launch ASCII-WORLD, a site dedicated to text-based games.
This site sports a neat DOS-IDE-style layout, similar to the famous QBasic IDE that we all know and love. JacobPalm.dk has had several updates over the past month, including the addition of several new GUIs to its collection. FreeBasic.tk, an increasingly-popular FB programming site, has seen several updates this month. After William Yu's famous "All Basic Code" website went down in mid-2004, the BASIC community has been missing a crucial, necessary resource. Na_th_an's OTHER repository, another great resource for the BASIC community, has recovered from several months of downtime. Andrew Shelkovenko has begun a fairly comprehensive project to collect documents and information about FreeBasic, and he's done a pretty good job so far. Z!re, Rune and Kitten have teamed up to launch Plantasy Studios, a site devoted to their projects. The tenth release of JO's Sonic the Hedgehog Clone, SonicX, is due out sometime in the near future, according to the March 11th update of QBasic Central.
Mitth'raw'nuruodo, a very active newcomer to the QB scene (only been around since January but he's already posted over 650 messages on the Pete's QB Site forum), released a demo of his new spaceshooter SpaceMerc a few weeks ago. Kurt Kuzba, the developer of the QB GUI library ADDGUIQB sent me a whole lot of news on the lib's latest release. The only visible changes, aside from the improvements in character display speed, are in the radio buttons, which now allow you to hi-lite a selection without clicking the associated button. ADDGUIQB is a C library for mouse and control object usage in mode 12h, or SCREEN 12, with QB45. Characters are not limited to standard text grid positions and may be placed at any location on the screen. Graphics primitives are part of the library, including line, circle, oval, disc, block, square, and rectangle. Graphic data blocks may be blitted to the screen using bitblit or transparent bitblit, allowing display of sprite data or non-rectangular graphic objects within a rectangular area. All source and compiled code is available as public domain and freeware on the ADDGUIQB web page. Adigun Azikiwe Polack has been making the rounds recently, announcing the release of his new FreeBasic palette library with well over 100 different palette routines. If you ever wanted to manipulate and adjust your 256-color palettes in your FreeBASIC programs like never before and then some, then this original library entitled “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine” is just your big-time ticket over here!! Battle Pong by Lithium - A complete battle pong game, with all kinds of power-ups and options, as well as great sound effects. 3D OpenGL Walk-Around Demo by Dr_Davenstein - A spectacular-looking walk around demo, where players move through a hilly forest area.
Tales From Argania by Lurah - A text-based RPG set to have branching career paths, over 9000 squares and 6 towns each with unique economies and laws.
Quirky QB programming group Hamster Republic has released the QB45 source code to the Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine. Late-Breaking Update: Nekrophidius sent me an email a few minutes before press time with the following tidbit: "Phat Kids Games is coming back!

Rattrapmax6's simple challenge to create a circle using PSET in the smallest amount of lines resulted in some interesting results the other day over at QBasic News.
With a whopping 8 gigs of space free on my server and over 70 gigs of bandwidth just lying around, I thought I'd do something back for the community that started me on the painful path of learning your way around the web. I've gotten to know some people that I still regard as friends, even though I might not talk to them a lot, and the QB community will always hold a special place in my heart. The absolutely awesome satire site Something Awful has poked fun at QBasic in one of its recent articles entitled Diary of a QBasic Gorilla.
To this day, many victims suffer post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the harrowing banana rampage of QBasic Gorilla.
Although Z!re has opted to take an extended vacation from the various QB forums that she used to frequent, she hasn't stopped checking up on the Qmunity. Keith wrote in readme file that he implemented PC Speaker sound effects but since my computer doesn't feature ones I was not able to hear anything. Perhaps Robot Robbery deserves straight 5 in story section but since it hasn't got a proper ending and the plot is a joke itself I can't give it more than 4.
Now with this history I decided to introduce my 5 year old daughter to computing in the hope of increasing her opportunities in later life as I knew now how education could make for a much better life. My very 1st program was a simple math test of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through a menu system.
Now I had many questions (related to errors in my programs ((redo from start?))) and future knowledge that I wanted to learn. And so onward in time to Pete’s web site and his QB Express series of magazines , where I read with great interest the letter from Brad Milison. Today I’d describe myself as an intermediate programmer still learning slowly and wanting to pass my ideas on to the community.
PS: the QB scene is dying as most the experts (leaders) are moving onto libraries and other dialects of basic (FreeBasic), perhaps our future experts will be there newbs.
Let's face it; the days of going through a map, killing all of the enemies, and finding the exit are history. All game companies now have professional writers on the staff, making sure that each element of the game goes along with a set story line, with references to allusions. If Super Mario Brothers was released today, it would probably flop due only to the fact that the story is kind dumb. You will find as you try to write your game that you may have had too much stuff in your game, this was the case with me, I had another mission originally where the Holding Chamber door was locked and you had to find the key, but that sounds a little reminiscent of having to find the blue key to open a door in DOOM or having to shut down the security system of The Silent Cartographer.
I am positive that almost anything that you can imagine in Word can be made into a .bas file. Make your stories detailed and interesting and the Qbasic gaming community will experience a rebirth like never before. Every issue QB Express features a preview and exciting new screenshots from an upcoming QB game.
Normally, I would decline this offer, since two of these programs don't have graphics, and the third, his space shooter Simple Shot, is very simplistic and doesn't lend itself well to a Gallery article. So here goes: It's a side-scrolling space shooter, where you control a blue triangle ship and shoot down green triangle enemy ships, who fly toward you and shoot bullets. The over-all object of the game is to use blocks to climb over obstacles and make your way to the door. Direction management is set up to test your over-all strategy, even if it wasn’t intended, improves its rating when it comes to strategy. These awards are given out to recognize QB or FB coders and websites that have done great work in the last month. The new Phat Code site just launched this month, but it's already become one of the most useful QB sites around. RelSoft is a regular around the QB scene, especially at the QBasic News forums where he often wows us all with his beautifully crafted QB and FB graphics demos.
This month, RelSoft amazed us with his FreeBasic Terrain Blender Engine, which you can see in the screenshots to the right. Here's a great competition that Nekrophidius asked me to feature in this issue of QB Express. I know what you’re thinking, “Odd title.” Well let’s face it, we may have created a good plot line in the last tutorial but what good is it if the characters talk like robots? Now one of the most asked questions is, “Why bother developing a Disposable Character?” Very good question with a very simple answer. Picture this, a woman walking down the street carrying a bucket with which she intends to pick up some water.
The Who may sound like it contradicts what I said earlier about not developing the character, or not giving them anything to truly identify them. Now if you notice or remember Secondary characters, unlike Anomalous Characters, don’t determine any part of the game. Basically Anomalous Characters and Secondary Characters are the same in their need for development. These are the extra characters who have just as much say and purpose in the story as the main characters, just not as large a part. You’ll notice that Main Secondary Characters in regular games are almost exactly like Anomalous and Secondary Characters. The other characters if you’ll notice have preset things to say, will say no more and no less than what they are programmed to say and change as events happen. Lots of peoples will forget it and probably at year 200?, there are only a few hundred QBers. Polack's flashy new Frantic Journey, which is chock-full of amazing visual effects that are truly mindblowing.
It's well-designed and entirely automated by PHP, and has a great collection of high-quality QB games, complete with thorough descriptions and screenshots. As with Windows resource, just pass the .xpm file to the commandline and the executable will sport a fb_program_icon symbol holding the XPM data. So far, it's in very early stages, but it sports mouse control and an impressive array of multi-colored bullet fire. Big Nose, one of the original Phat Kids, has made it known that the popular game dev group is coming back and bringing with them a new version of their classic RPG, Kids Of Karendow. I can set up accounts as soon as you want them, so let me know and I'll get you all set up.
The journals were mailed to astronaut Neil Armstrong on the first day of 1991, and then subsequently turned over to the FBI. Sorry, but I doubt I would give anything more that 1 in this category even if I've heard those "sound effects". Jeff doesn't carry any kind of weapon so you kill enemies by jumping on them(like in Super Mario). It was an Atari IBM compatible with 640 meg memory, 32 MB hard disk with a cga monitor and DOS 3.3 . My best results with "NEWB" users were discussion where I pointed out how much smarter they were than a computer. My 2nd program was a simple ASCII letter dropping from the top of the screen that was erased by pressing the corresponding key of the keyboard. Simply to point out that knowledge frees us from ignorance but attitude traps us into assumption. Let the experts compose a simple tutorial that initiates the newb into the idea of WANTING to program. I continually program small projects meaningful to me that serve small purposes in my life and desire of understanding this tool called computing and it children called programming. The danger of some directions is that the splinter can not return and be incorporated into the form of the stock. The other two files are FBIRC and MarzecTM's Raknet Wrapper, which are pretty interesting releases.

It goes by the name “Block Game 5.1” and according to his website it's still in development. They are much like regular Secondary Characters except that their parts are far under developed and a stupid move by them causes the whole game to go out of wack. Levi’s parents, Jessie’s friend Allegra, people who exist for the sole purpose of being helpful but unnecessary.
Although they no longer develop in QB, this is still a tribute to arguably one of the greatest QBRPGs of all times. These writings helped investigators understand the distorted mindset that enabled QBasic Gorilla to carry out the grisly 1991 banana attack that killed thousands and left much of Manhattan in ruins.
Game graphic could use more colors and shades but there is nothing bad I can say about the look of the game beside that.
This was a promising game but due the fact it contains so little I can't be very generous here. I mainly bought it because where I worked was going computerized and we were informened that we had a choice in this , of LEARNING or LEAVING. However I saw myself as someone that was privy to knowledge that they didn’t understand and decided to try to "See it from there point " so id be able to help them more.
It was during this phase that I wrote simple teaching programs in GWBASIC that helped to teach her. As I had no mentor (he had moved on to New Zealand) I was on my own with increasing my knowledge of programming.
Days later I relogged anxious to read the reply and solve some of my inadequacies of understanding.
You would think that with such a great community and with such great experts that we would have a simple and concise QBASIC for dummies idea as a tutorial. Let’s also assume that the only qualified judges are the NEWBs that we are trying to reach out to.
Personally I tend to worship the experts from afar and marvel at their knowledge and hope one day I could be in there league.
I still take more from this community than I put back and wish to thank very humbly the experts for there time and effort as my determination has let them help me and others.
They are the first real networking routines that I've seen done in FB, and if I were a betting man, I'd bet that MarzecTM has network support in mind for this game in a future release (if there actually is one). You need three spaces to move if you plan to set a block on the opposite of your player from where you picked it up.).
If either the winner or runner-up fulfill the bonus requirements, I'll throw something extra in as well. These characters are ones who if you don’t beat to a certain area you’ll never finish your objective, these are minor enemies and bosses who are there only for the purpose of stopping you and making the game more fun and time consuming.
Who accentuate and give a realness feeling to your characters without having any say in how the game turns out. In games like Zelda these are the main characters whom you always have to visit, meet, help, receive help from. Simply here I taught them the underlying principles and vanquished there ignorance and helped them to dispel there fears.
It wasn’t until 1999 when I got on the internet and did my first search for QBasic that I found there was a community that helped, fostered and taught basic. Imagine my horror to discover that I was criticized for not "explaining" my problem in a "method" that these "experts" could understand!. Simply that people had a way to pass on this knowledge and the way THEY chose was not the best way for the user. Programming is just another way they can expand themselves and relate to things that are important to them. Please remember that most people find QBasic MUCH easier to learn than the C language and from BASIC can move onward to other languages. It takes time to get used to the controls, but it's worth it since it leaves you pulling your hair at times.
I’ll defiantly look into any of the new developments and hope for better graphics over all. Jeff(our hero) is animated satisfactory, with a cool "eye-blinking" effect but a better animation of Jeff's death would be nice. What can be frustrating is that you die by single touch of the enemy after which Jeff(you) returns to the BEGINING of the level. Also, the fact you can continue from the level you are in infinite times, after you lose all your lives, doesn't help a lot. I can't blame the developer much for this, since this game was coded in QBasic 1.1(great acomplishment, by the way).
In the factory where I worked were a lot of people with only basic schooling and they really struggled to understand this new work computer. I even demonstrate catastrophe by yanking out the power cord to dispel there fears of "breaking" the computer. To relate to the new user we must remember how we felt and what it was that puzzled us about programming and then we are in a better frame of mind to answer a user question that will foster there knowledge .
Is that his fault or can we foster something that he wants to capture and incorporate into himself. Well that’s all of us and our mythology of which are new reincarnation of new generations of NEWBs. I think FreeBasic is an invaluable source for our future, however it will be quiet some time before I will get around to using it as I wish to fully master my 1st love first.
I think Pete has done a tremendous job with this magazine and with the content of his web page. You can also find out about Phat Code's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming.
We can say the same for the enemy sprites, but the lack of more than two types of enemy inside the game ruins my impression a bit. They looked to me to help them and I was able to explain many simple things to them that made THE difference between leaving and staying in work. Simple because I had learnt it and I then incorporated it into my actions and realisations. Do we wish to be worshipped as an authority on the subject or instead respected for our ability to explain something to a person that needs that extra bit of time and care?. Imagine that we did have this magic tutorial and 99% of people after reading it are hooked on the idea of programming for THEIR reasons of what they can do with it for their lives. Instead of criticism, let’s get on with increasing our knowledge base that expands our community as a humanity. The amount of varied information available allows anyone to want to join his community and prosper.
It's hard to know how much this kind of concept and game engine would work in a larger game. At this time I saw a program in the local tandy store called DR PROGRAMMER which intorduced me to GWBASIC. Everything, from introducing story, story episodes between levels, even the credits and readme file are filled with excellent humor. At work one fellow was quite adept at GW and he semi tutored me with firstly a manual and subsequent programs. My work mates were fascinated in how I could make there name fill the work computer screens! They saw this machine as being smarter that they were and a THREAT to their future wellbeing.

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