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BioAs co-founder and editorial director of PASSPORT, one of the world's preeminent travel magazine, Robert Adams is an enthusiastic proponent of writing and photography that highlights the best our world has to offer, while at the same time shedding light on what needs to be done to protect our planet and ensure human rights for everyone. Robert began his career as a photographer and writer in New York City covering politics, the arts and, of course, travel. Fox News took a quote from President Barack Obama out of context and spent the entire day attacking based on the out of context quote.

Starting Here, Starting Now, is the first book in a series that Robert is writing about how to achieve your goals and find personal fulfillment. Inspiring and motivational words can give you a boost during the day, or help start your day on a positive note. Cenk plays the entire speech in order to show the context then discusses how Fox News selectively edited the speech and went on the attack. According to the author, "Life is filled with abundance, joy, and love, but many of us are too busy to appreciate the opportunities we have.

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