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A great read if you appreciate deep philosophical & theological things, light humorous things, and delightfully quirky things! An amazing concept for optimizing space, whether in a studio apartment or a full-sized house. If I steal from someone else, I have to claim the income, so does that mean I can steal from myself and claim the loss? Best of all…I am now required to claim the income from a little drug-dealing side-business. The bed-space converts to space for a sofa, desk, or endless other possibilities, which is doubly important when upsizing, in a recession, may not be possible.

D’you mean the belly-dancing lessons and competitive kite-flying school are ineligible? If I burn my own property, I can’t claim it as a loss, but anyone else in the world can burn it and I’m fine?
Everyone knows employers require employees be timely, and how else to do it than with a wristwatch. I’m certain that this is not, by any means, a comprehensive list, but to be honest, I ran out of energy before I ran out of stupid rules! And if a puppy micturating on my priceless Biblical scroll isn’t protected, than I suppose I am forbidden from claiming the damage my cockatoo inflicted on the bathroom door.

If I can’t even support my state with the oh-so-effective lottery, or my local Catholic church with the oh-so-ethical bingo night, I might as well not bother.

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