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Before my naughty mind can even start to wander, your hands are on the waistband of my pants. If you are ready to learn master-level skills and more bliss-inducing techniques like Verbal Viagra, The Porn Destroyer, and Erotic Telepathy take a minute to watch this video.

Slide, grope, hot, slippery, juicy, throbbing, lick, quiver, nibble, stroke, caress, arousing…these are all words that powerfully evoke the imagination and make your words come to life. I see that unmistakable look of passion in your eyes as you let the towel drop to the floor. Our eyes meet in the mirror…you have the look you get when you are hungry for my body.
What do you want me to do?” the tone in your voice has become demanding and it sends a wave of desire over me.

And while the book and movie have tongues a’waggin, I say skip the Hollywood version of naughty and create your own. Click here to check out all kinds of goodies that will kick the intimacy level up several notches in no time flat!

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