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I love your random acts of beauty, especially the opportunity it gives to bring a little bit of nature into the home. By the way, I really enjoy reading your posts about minimalist life while living with a packrat and two teens.

I’ve never been addicted to anything more than caffeine (wait, no, cigarettes, too), but I have known people addicted to narcotics and alcohol. It does sound odd that someone who was addicted to a drug would describe that time as happy, but I was.
Had the drugs been recreational, or used to fill an emotional void in my life at the time, I think the story would have been very different.
It’s surprising to me that someone who was an addict would describe themselves as having been happy during that time.

Too many people plan for their happiness and ignore the present.  They’ll be happier when the weekend comes, when the weather improves, when they go on vacation or when they retire. Why put off happiness?  Focus on the here and now and enjoy this present moment for everything it has to offer.

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