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With that in mind, here are seven excellent money quotes that will hopefully make you think differently about money. Takeaway All too often, we pursue making money because we need it, just so that we can have things now that don't make our lives any better. This $19 trillion industry could destroy the InternetOne bleeding-edge technology is about to put the World Wide Web to bed.
Sure, we might like our co-workers and might even tolerate our work, but we're there because of the money.
And if you act quickly, you could be among the savvy investors who enjoy the profits from this stunning change. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. He graduated from the Liberty University with a degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Business Administration.
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That's why it's a good idea not to overspend, or, as Jefferson reminds us, to not spend our money before we've even earned it. Morris Jefferson's theme plays into this next quote, which reminds us that using debt steals away our future earnings, requiring us to give up more of our time. In so doing we wreck our reputation by lying, cheating, stealing, or being overly aggressive. A much better life awaits us if we can avoid overspending, as it will enable us to pursue a career we really love. It all starts with avoiding a lot of debt, because that not only steals from our future, but it also robs us of the richness of life.
That's something we need to keep in mind so that we don't get so caught up in making money that we miss the bigger picture. We need to take a vacation or leave early so that we can spend time with those who are closest to us.
If we're spending more than we earn, we'll end up in debt, which leaves us with a big future hole that we'll have to dig out of by working more or working longer.
While not all debt is bad, all too often we're just as quick to overdo it on the good debt, such as when we buy a house that's much bigger than our needs and stretches our budget to the limit.

Reputation is of far more value than money, because it's the only thing that persists after our time on earth is over. It's a passion that might not pay well at first, but in time our passion will pay dividends and the money will follow.
These purchases will force us to work longer and harder and can prevent us from enjoying life. Clothes are a great example, and while we might want a new pair of shoes or new dress clothes, the only reason we may want them is to impress people we don't even know.
But you'll probably just call it "how I made my millions." Don't be too late to the party -- click here for one stock to own when the Web goes dark.

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