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In difficult times, an attitude to move on from the past, looking towards the future, can often come to your rescue and ease the pain. Reading a book about another person's experience in coping with such situations can be comforting, where quotes and sayings are often a quick pick-me-up for those dark days.
While we may have close friends and family who are ever-ready to help us on our way, we sometimes find ourselves needing some alone time.

Choose quotes or sayings and stick them on different surfaces like the refrigerator, dressing table mirror, or around your computer screen at work or home, to give yourself a little push in moving on and finding happiness again.Meaningful Moving On Quotes and SayingsYou are responsible for your life. Brooding over the broken pieces will not help, but only make things worse by deepening wounds, and inviting tumultuous emotions.
Appreciate the goodness of life in other forms, and turn to gratitude for the things that you do have.

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