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The most indelible support system during end-of-life and bereavement is made up of nothing more -- and nothing less -- than human connections.
It was my journey, but in synthesizing my experience and that of others who've been through it, I was able, I hope, to get to that place where we all have something in common. Sometimes when I shop for card, I know the person who's grieving more than the person who died.
She kindly agreed to answer some questions and discuss that human connection we strive to make in trying times. I often use his story and the experience I went through as inspiration, and not only in sympathy cards. The feeling that kept coming back to me was: No one can know exactly what you're going through. I want to share a powerful story from a colleague of mine, Jim Howard, who got a call from a man who'd just lost his three-year-old son and was so moved by a card Jim had written that the father wanted to use an excerpt for his son's epitaph.
It reminded me in a deep, abiding way that we have a responsibility to speak as truthfully and imaginatively as we can to the essential things, the ultimate things, in life.

Now, the first thing you send may be a text or an email, or a message on someone's Facebook page. I can't send a card about someone I don't know, so I want to talk about what's most important between us: our friendship, our family relationship.
Don't gloss over difficult feelings but use them to write something that offers a glimpse of comfort or hope -- without telling someone what to feel.
So the card has to be cognizant of that, that this isn't the first time a sender may have reached out. If you have strong spiritual or religious feelings that you want to offer the person who's grieving, do it gently.
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I was on a project recently, a Get Well and Encouragement card that took into account that the sender had had continuous contact with someone, by whatever means, and that this card was more of a checking in. Tumblr was established in February 2007 and its headquarters are in New York and its employees are about 175.

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