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Another concept connected with the ravens is that many cultures believed raven to be magical and the carrier of powerful secrets. As regards the Native Americans, they think that the raven brought light to the earth and consider it to be a symbol of balance, depicting good and bad traits of someone. As we have already mentioned, raven tattoos depict a variety of meanings that can be positive as well as negative. Not only this, you have the liberty to choose the size of the tattoo according to your choice.
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According to the history, the ravens used to eat the dead bodies of people, who were killed in the war.
Whereas in mythology, the same creature is believed to be something, which opens its mouth much and can’t keep secrets. Some designs portray raven with blood whereas some others can be done in Celtic art or tribal art.
Available as a free printout image this cursive smooth flowing text design is great for tattoos. And since then, they have become the symbol of death, war, darkness, negativity and mystery, so the first thing that comes to our mind is that raven is an evil design to have. In Celtic culture, the raven tattoo is believed to represent protection, magic and prophecy due to its magical powers.

On the other hand, people prefer having raven tattoos and put their own significance and meaning, which gives a personal approach to their lives.
Now, we will try to explain the meanings of most common designs of raven tattoos which will help you to create different connections with these tattoos in a better way. But just remember that whatever you choose, you should be able to understand your tattoo completely.
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