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Butterfly tattoos, unlike other tattoo designs, have been increasingly worn by women and has been a trend especially in young girls, as seen in the recent years.  Butterfly tattoos are always considered as a fascination for drawing different designs, shapes, sizes and beauty symbolized especially by the butterflies.
The butterfly tattoos hold a very special place in tattoo designing art and profession, with main concentration been given on the variety of design and coloring to draw beautiful butterflies.
It’s not easy to find a manly looking butterfly tattoo but, they are one of the most popular tattoos on the market.
Despite of its form of representation, most realistic tattoos express certain symbolic meanings or tell a story.
These butterfly designs are exclusively used in music, in paintings, in tattoos, etc, to convey artistic expressions and messages.

With the tattoos’ bright and vivid color combinations, striking curves and lines, and bold patterns, these tattoos are most and distinctive among all other tattoo design. To keep the tattoo interesting we have worked hard to create multiple designs of butterfly tattoos that represents the inner you and makes your ultra cool attitude reflect in your gesture.
A person having a butterfly tattoo is considered to be an easy going person who has lots of joy, happiness and energy in her life. It’s a fact that girls have taken over boys in the tattoo world, with the optimum age range for getting a tattoo between nineteen and thirty one and concentrated around the twenty three to twenty five age ranges. A butterfly on your wrist, back of the neck, shoulder or arm with matching color filled according to your skin aolor and physical appearance may help you improve your gesture and personality.

In this post I will present a collection of incredible realistic tattoo designs, which you can see the tattoo subject could also be truthfully represented on the canvas of human body.
But they would further get impressed when knowing it’s artwork created on human body and with meaning.
The person steals the show when she goes back less and the tattoo looks elegant on her skin.

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