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Last week, Boing Boing helped introduce an incredibly wonderful Halloween decoration to its readers—a dead mummified fairy? But throughout folklore, this magical creature ranged from gnomes, trolls, elves, tall angelic creatures without wings, child-size to tiny-size mischievous winged creatures, kidnappers of children & old folks, substituting with changelings, & the list goes on. HIGHLIGHTS, TONE, SHADING -- Click on the picture for tips on coloring your beautiful fairy. Sketch the low-rolling hills, dirt path, and the two diagonal lines in the foreground that represent a fallen tree trunk. SPECIAL EFFECTS WITH PENCIL STROKES -- Click on this picture to look at pencil types I use.
FOUR BASIC FORMS IN NATURE -- In the picture are the basic shapes placed on the nature forms. It's hard to tell, but the fairy body is actually made from a plastic mini skeleton covered in pantyhose. If you want, you can erase those guidelines before adding the hair fluff, veins in her wings, and sparkle circles in her outfit. You can leave out some grass, maybe put in one flower bud of the main fairy, and not so much foliage.

When you want to cover a large area, like the tree leaves and rolling hills, you hold your pencil underhand almost parallel to the paper with the pencil on its side. If you look closely, you'll find the fairy, mushrooms, trees, and flowers are a combination of the four basic forms. You have accomplished a lot and absorbed plenty about "How to Draw Realistic Fairies." I've used sketchy line strokes to shade.
Dawn's "How to Draw Fairies" in this Fantasy category has some great styles for fairy ears.
The fairy was so small in the landscape until I had to do a close up drawing of this magical creature.
Whatever your fairy preference, you can outline the details in ink, color it, or leave it in pencil. The next 4 steps will have tips on how to hold a pencil for easier drawing, different pencil types, tone (etc.), and shapes in nature.
For outlines and tiny details, like details, hair, small grass, you hold your pencil in writing position at a 45-degree angle.
Color in the landscape from the outline your created or shade in with pencil & leave highlights.

The pointed ears are made from polymer clay, and the "mummification" is performed with the help of wet, gluey toilet paper. If you have a thirst for more fairy folklore, check out PuzzlePieces "How to Draw Faeries" in this section. TONE, SHADING, SHADOW, & TEXTURE -- Tone is the actual color, shading is the part of object away from light, shadow is cast by the object, & texture is the rough, smooth, hilly, sharp, bushy, etc., feel or appearance of an object.
Make sure you leave some light areas at the tip of the leaves, from the fairies' bodies and on the front of the mushrooms.
Overall, it's been my pleasure to share my drawings and what I've learned in "How to Draw Fairies." Please let me know what you think.
I'd love to hear what you've got to say, please vote to keep me in the tutorial race, and fav to your heart's content.

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