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OK since whoever this is has all this information, can we get some real names or occupations? During a trip to New Zealand, Rihanna got a tribal dragon tattoo done through a traditional tattooing method.
As you may know, Rihanna has already had 14 tattoos put on her body that run from her to toe. The one on her right hand isnt a ‘henna style dragon claw thing whatever you called it, its a NZ maori tattoo that she got in Auckland. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. She wanted the phrase done in backwards writing so she would be able to read it in the mirror. Maori tattoos are among the most distinctive and popular tattoos in the world and have their own identity. Maori tattoo art is differs from traditional tattooing in that sense that the Maori tribal tattoo was carved the skin with a chisel. Ta  moko: translates as to strike or to tap` refers to the process of tattooing in the tribal maori traditions. Tattooing has a sacred significance – the Maori tribal tattoo design and the tattooing process.
Despite the fact that it`s never ok for a non-maori to wear a Maori tribal tattoo, many of celebrities cover their body with Maori tribal tattoos: the list show some of them.
This entry was posted in Celebrities Tattoo, Tattoo & Meaning, Tattoo 2015, Tattoo Ideas, Tribal Tattoos and tagged animal tattoo ideas, tattoo ideas on back, tattoo ideas on hands, tattoo ideas on rib by admin. Remember when Rihanna got 'Never a Failure Always a Lesson' tatted on her chest [she got it tatted backwards so she could read it in the mirror]?
Rihanna already been quoted as saying she swings both ways, which most claimed was just her being an attention-whore.
They won't be satisfied until their scratching hunks of gross crap that looks resembles honey bunches of oats off their privates. Take all that fiction-writing skill and write a damn book.No way in this day and age can an artist just walk into a studio and lay down a hook. Who wants a girl who would actually be attracted to Chris Brown.Some men actually want an old-fashioned, good girl.

That would explain why no one within the industry wanted to scoop her up after the incident. In the music industry (or any other industry for that matter) you have to give something up.
When not blogging, I am often found running long distances, reading, coloring, and acting as secretary for two little dogs with no tails.
Apart from her successful music career what makes her the talk of the town is her love for tattoos. Check out Rihanna’s 14 Tattoos with their meaning and appreciate her love for tattoo art with us. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Tribal tattoos done with bone chisels. By the end of 19`s tattoo needles began to set in` step by step removing knives and bones.
So I'm sure the rumors got to her at some point over the last five or six years and y'all mean to tell me she willingly exposed herself to that? And why y'all coming up into a gossip post in April 2010 spilling ice cold moldy tea from 2008? Then, she covered these musical notes with a Falcon which she tweeted to her fans by telling the philosophy of the Falcon as a light that shines in the darkness. You may go through this list of Rihanna tattoos and find some inspiration for a tattoo of your own that you could get. I hope you have enjoyed the list and learned more about Rihanna, as well as the tattoos that she has on her body. Maori tattoos were classified as popular tattoos from ancient times till now and it is one of the best tattoo ideas of 2015. In my profession (well it used to be my profession, until I quit that shit) you hear a lot.
Rihanna has a discrete taste for tattoos and she knows where to place her tattoos to put them on display. If so, you could print out a picture of the Rihanna tattoo that you like and take it to a tattoo artist.
Maori tattoo art is very beautiful` consisting of curved shapes and spirals in intricate patterns.

Instead of needles, the Maori people used knives, chisels and the ink was applied by means of incisions. A possible meaning of this is that, although a skull symbolizes something dangerous, the pink bow can neutralize it. Popular tattoo art by making incisions with chisel was a painful process, but traditional tribal tattoos were more than decorative – showing strenght, courage and vigour. T.I was on the other side of the glass with a big ass smile on his face and laughing it up with the producer. If you wanna make me believe, give me some real names instead of all this National Enquirer foolishness. Either way, enjoy these Rihanna tattoos that we have collected and put in the list below for you. The Maori tribal tattoo consists of bold spiral designs covering the face, legs and buttocks of the men. The Maori tribal tattooing lost much of his significance after the coming of European settlers. Women were generally tattooed on the lips and chin, but sometimes on the neck and the back.
All these rumors going around about artists, yet y'all act like the artists themselves don't know? Then I remember Beyonce's cousin (not Angie) said Rihana sounded like a strangled cat on Run This Town. Ried saw that she was having some problems with the things that she was being asked to do so he talked to Jigga who then talked to Bey.
That is how the rumor got started that Jigga and Rih was fucking..which was total bullshit!

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