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While I was doing my "research" at Target the other day, I noticed a ton of new Monster High and Ever After High dolls. I was probably most excited about the appearance of Cupid, because she is the crossover link between Monster High and Ever After High. Because there are now two dolls representing the daughter of Eros, I figured I should bring the original Cupid doll into this review for a few comparisons. The back of the box has a short description of Cupid's personality, and I found this interesting since we already know quite a bit about Cupid. So, Cupid is a terrible shot with her bow and arrow, but she's great at helping everyone but herself find romance. She doesn't list any best friends on the Monster High card, though, which I think scores a point for Ever After High. I've always thought it was a bit of a stretch to categorize Eros as a "monster" just to fit into the Monster High theme. Cupid had three plastic ties in her head (grumble) but all of the other attachments were easy to cut and remove. I was eager to see if Cupid's story would reveal anything about why she (the daughter of a god) would be going to a school for fairytale characters. Apparently, Eros announced that Cupid was switching schools because the kids at Ever After High needed urgent romantic guidance, and Cupid was the perfect person for the job.
The wings are made out of a large piece of solid white vinyl and they have a satisfying weight.
The wings have a similar overall shape, and both attach with a collar that is shaped like an arrow, but that's where the similarities end.
Monster High Cupid's wings are made to look like the splayed bones of a rib cage with vertebrae running down the back--like Cupid ripped open someone's chest and used the bones to make herself a pair of wings.

Monster High Cupid has a mime-inspired, ghostly-white face with sunken eyes and a smile that is camouflaged by expressionless heart-shaped lips. Cupid's eyes look green overall, but up close you can see that the color comes from three different areas of the iris. Monster High Cupid doesn't wear a conventional ring, but her bow and arrow are worn on her hand. The vinyl belt has a cluster of golden leaves on one side that give the dress a bit of a Greek god vibe. The toes of the shoes are covered in scrolling molded designs that are similar to the decorations on the quiver. Past Present, a retrospective exhibition by architect and sculptor, William Cromar, will run Thursday May 15 thru Friday, July 11, 2008. Drawing principally from the Getty Research Institute's superb collection of Russian modernist books, Tango with Cows: Book Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1910—1917 brings into focus a brief, but tumultuous period when Russian visual artists and poets, including Natalya Goncharova, Mikhail Larionov, Kazimir Malevich, Alexei Kruchenykh, and Velemir Khlebnikov, challenged Symbolism and revolutionized book art. Love Parisbabe - Diy Wolf Cross T Shirt, Madden Girl Military Boots, Karen Scott Heavy Grey Cardigan - It's my birthday today!!!
The Curated Object is interested in the exhibition of objects and those who find our engagement with them compelling.
The Twisted Sisters use metals, wood, glass and found treasures to create whimsical pieces, borrowing from the past to proceed into the future. Largely by exploring spatial psycho-perception, this work develops paradoxical manifestations of the human propensity for finding order, exploring the edge between the necessity and the futility of this fundamental impulse.
24, 2008Discover the full spectrum of nature’s mineral wonders – from tiny trilobite fossils to gigantic cathedral geodes – when Geopalooza! Spend a warm-weather, beautiful afternoon enjoying a slow country drive seeking out some a Middle Tennessee's finest in unique metal sculptures, fountains, sconces, jewelry, clothing, and batiks.The Twisted Sisters studio is located at 4655 Pond Creek Road, Pegram, Tenn.

Featuring massive geodes weighing thousands of pounds presented alongside some of the world’s most spectacular meteorites, minerals and fossils, the exhibit will be on display through Aug. Walk through a room filled with rare meteorites, marvel at intricately preserved trilobites and discover some of the world’s most beautiful minerals,” said Joel A.
Bartsch, president of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and curator of gems and minerals. Stand in wonder before massive amethyst and citrine geodes taller than a person, jammed with gleaming purple and golden crystals.
Admire an array of huge mineral crystals, including a gargantuan gypsum crystal from Mexico’s “Cave of Giants,” home of the largest crystals ever found. Gaze upon intricately crystallized slices of petrified wood, some more than five feet across.Extremely interactive, the exhibit is built to draw visitors into all of the fascinating facets of mineralogy. Touch the metallic surface of a meteorite that has traveled millions of miles, from the depths of the cosmos.
Select a geode, and see it cracked open as you become the first living thing to behold its contents. Children ages 3 – 11 can put on their paleontologist hats to dig fossil replicas in the dig pit.Marvel at an amazing collection of fossils, including huge prehistoric fish, reptiles, and trilobites with astonishingly delicate antennae, eye stocks, and other features – more bizarre than any alien from outer space.
See meteorites, moon rocks, and a stunning selection of fluorescent minerals that glow in every color of the rainbow.After visiting Geopalooza!, don’t miss the chance to explore the Museum’s world-renowned Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, a spectacular hall that houses more than 750 beautifully crystallized, world-renowned mineral specimens.Local funding for Geopalooza!

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