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Yesterday Reuters reported on Japan’s new effort to overhaul its energy policies and replace its lost capacity from the atomic industry. Another fear is the bubble effect from hard fixing the price per KW energy instead of letting market to control the price point. But there is a powerful next-door neighbor, China, that would gladly purchase the over produced panels, if there should be any. Other worries involve the need for heavy investments to improve the ability for the Japanese grid to absorb the massive solar and wind energy that could be generated. While there are other worries, the country seems to be united in pushing forward the research and development of green technology. Akihiro Sawa, executive senior fellow at the 21st Century Public Policy Institute and a former trade ministry official. While the rising sun from the east takes center stage, it’s time for us to seriously consider our position on green energy. I’ve been posting about my Chinese eating fetishes lately - from chicken brains to no-packaging rice and beans .
Rising Sun TattoosPosted on April 8, 2014 by Briana B • 0 CommentsRising sun tattoos are inspired by a past flag of Japan, with the sun rising as its symbol.
If you are the big fans of Japan martial arts, motorsport, or even the Japanese cultures itself, you may want to consider a rising sun tattoo. The rising sun flag was a symbol of the ancient Japanese empire, which committed various atrocities, especially against women.

The rising sun design works well on multiple body parts, including on the shoulder as seen above and on the  elbow as seen here. Japanese lawmakers have enacted a national scheme to focus their energy investments on solar, wind, biomass, and other green energies. Currently, the law sets to price solar energy at 40 yen per KW with overage of investment cost subsidized by the government. This kind of initial risky investment can only drive innovation in terms of energy distribution that is also an interest to the Chinese infrastructure.
Even critics of the new bill are asking for more aggressive involvement from the existing energy companies.
What can we do to rally our nation and march in step with the rest of the world so we are not left behind?
The rising sun symbol has also been used on motorsport logos and in the martial arts of Japan. While people tend to to not as commonly view the symbol as offensive, it is indeed offensive to some. When not blogging, I am often found running long distances, reading, coloring, and acting as secretary for two little dogs with no tails. The bill is expected to pass sometime next week but there are some minor details in dispute that could take the teeth out of the bill.
Takao Kashiwagi, professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology predict that this incentive could drive solar capacity growth of about 3,000 MW a year in the first three years.

I believe there is very little Japan has to worry about in terms of making their money back from exporting technologies that will come out of this kind of investing and developments.
They market the abundance of our natural resources; they tell us how many years our coal will power our nation and how many more will natural gas supply our needs. One of these contentious points is the subsidized pricing for the different types of green energy; another is the institutional risk in the Japanese political structure.
But the question I always think about: what happens when we come to the end of those years? This design can combines the rising sun with a koi tattoo, which can can double up on various symbolism and meanings.
Unlike the European or the Chinese politics surrounding the green sector, the Japanese investors are not so confident in their long-term prosperity under a stable guiding force from the government.
Japan and Germany will have developed a robust technology sector to supply the demand to power buyers like China. I doubt we will be able to maintain our superpower status if we continue to think our way is better and we don’t need to pay attention to the growing global concerns for resource scarcity.

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