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Spare a thought for poor Ronald Strong who accidentally defecated in his trousers while in a federal courthouse in Portland. You’d have to wonder what sort of effort he made to clean it up, with a janitor describing the mess as covering 75% of the floor and reaching more than two feet up the walls. The man’s defense was that it was a genuine accident and there was no indication that it was illegal to make such a mess in the bathroom. Strong was eventually sentenced due to the belief that he may have had a motive to soil the bathroom, having lost a Social Security case in the courthouse previously. The relevant question is not whether he purposefully defecated his pants, but whether he willfully spread his feces all over the bathroom resulting in a nuisance, hazard, and damage. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Many inmates who have spent time in jail will describe it as exceptionally boring, and for good reason: activities are minimal, and most of the day is spent sitting around doing nothing.
A typical day in jail can begin with a new prisoner turning himself in to police or otherwise being detained.
A prisoner will be assigned to a specific pod, or holding area, in which several jail cells may be located. Stints in jails are usually limited to about 45 days, though many inmates will spend far less time than that in the jail.
I've been waiting nine months for my trial, and every day has been stress and worry for me. I agree that it would be beneficial to people that are in jail for more than a week to get involved in productive activities. I have known someone who went to jail for a night, something minor, public intoxication to be exact. She said since she was intoxicated, she only began becoming aware of where she was while she was in the holding process.
She said the food they served in the morning looked awful, no one was daring enough to try it.
Also, she said that there was this very tiny window at the top of one of the walls in the room her and about ten other women occupied. I was watching a documentary the other day about a program that was created to help at risk kids make better choices. At the end of the program most of these kids were so scared that I doubt many of them will commit any crimes in the future. In many parts of the world, jail is a different level of incarceration than prison, so a typical day in jail will be different in many ways from that of a day in prison.

He or she will be booked, and all of the prisoner's belongings will be confiscated; they will be returned upon release.
He or she may be locked up for only a few hours, or he or she may spend the entire 45 days in the facility.
I have been accused of a crime I didn't commit, and even with all my family and friends behind me, all backing up everything I'm trying to defend, my lawyer still tells me there's no way a judge is going to look my way. The thought of being trapped drives me almost suicidal, and I'm not sure if I can handle it, and I'm scared it's going to turn me into a person that I'm not. Those inmates who show interest in doing something while incarcerated, other than sleeping and watching tv should be given the opportunity to read, work on crossword puzzles and even Sudoku.I have no doubt that a lot of the guards who work in those jail have a dismissive and blatant disregard for the inmates. Taking care of another living thing can definitely have a rehabilitative affect. I know a lady that used to have a horse farm. I think that some kids really need a dose of reality like this, and I think that there should be more programs like this all over the country. I think that young people live for today too much and often forget about the long term consequences of making the wrong choices. If you are the sort that always like to be doing something productive, I think that being forced to sit in a box for days on end would be downright torturous. What is really so tough about laying about and watching TV? While I understand the limits to your freedom would be mentally taxing, sitting in the county jail sounds like how most college kids spend their downtime.
Jails often hold prisoners for short stays, very often at the local or county level, while prisons hold inmates for longer periods of time — years, decades, or even lifetimes — and criminals who are to be prosecuted at the federal level.
He or she will then be put into a holding area while processing is completed, and the prisoner may then be given a medical check to ensure he or she is healthy enough to be held in a jail with other prisoners. A common area is often located in the center of the pod, with the cells lining the perimeter of the pod.
Either way, the time spent in jails is quite boring, since there is little to do but watch television, talk to other inmates, sleep, and otherwise bide one's time until his or her sentence is completed. If someone does not want to learn you will certainly have a difficult time forcing them to do so. I'd rather stamp license plates, pickup trash or transmute the time to community service, rather than watch Oprah all day. I have been to visit a friend in jail and if they can treat the families and friends of the inmates like second class citizens, what does that tell you about how they treat those inmates? They were treated like a regular prisoner and they took the jail pictures or mug shots and had them locked up for a few hours.
I guess I understand that as a prisoner you lose all rights to privacy; the guards need to be able to know what you’re doing, even if it’s bathroom business.

Once all the preliminary registration is complete, the prisoner may or may not be issued prison clothing. The common area will feature tables and chairs, which are almost always bolted to the floor to avoid violent behavior and injuries. I am a very private person and the idea of people rummaging through my space, or taking all my things away is horrifying. Many common areas will have a television set up for prisoners to watch, though the television will be controlled by the guard on duty. Most of the people in jail likely worked for very little on the outside, and the state, by locking them up, has taken that job from them, likely their children, and, if they were in debt, their credit.
She said the changes she saw in the kids were amazing! They bonded with the animals and really felt a sense of accomplishment in taking care of them. What made it awful however was that they also dragged his daughter to prison as well, and they were kept in different prison cells where they never saw each other. I’ve heard of atrocious cases of inmate violence and I would find it hard to sleep at night, with those thoughts lurking at the top of my mind.
She told me a lot of the kids ended up being productive and normal members of society as adults.
I know part of the prison system is meant to punish, but it's supposed to be rehabilitating, too. How is laying around bored all day rehabilitating someone? Once you’re in jail, you have a mark on your record that will affect you for the rest of your life. Help the individuals in jail pass their time doing something worthwhile, whether it be for 1 day or 45 days. Besides that, do you really want someone who is ticked off and forced to work making something you rely upon or purchase? Maybe they could incorporate some animal shelters in jails and have some of the non-violent offenders take care of the animals. It's like asking for a tattoo on your back and punching the artist in the face before he or she starts.

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