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When you have love with special one but it’s from just one side, you feel very sad and lonely in life. Sometime you have a good relation but some tragedies occurred in your relation and make you sad.
Sadness is another aspect of life and which is normally not considered as good aspect of life.
You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!
Try to spend your most of the time with the people for whom you are very  important avoid the bad people who always made fun of your sadness and this will make you more sad when you sent your time with the people who made your fun. I usually search for some life quotes or friendship quotes with pictures online and pick the one that fits my current emotions.

Sadness will take you away from the happiness and when you have not any happiness in life than it is hard for you to live a good life. Try to be happy  and try to go out for outing so that you forget your pains for some period of time. Although some people may find it annoying or silly, doing this eases the pain and sadness even just for a bit. Every person has personal sorrows in life which the world has not been known just the person itself know that.
You become very sad when you hear beautiful songs, because you want to do same in your own life, and it’s not possible. You should try to overcome the pains of life and try to come back towards the life and start smiling again.

There are many pains in life which are not easy to forget but time is the only think that give you patience. But you should make your life meaningful; the loneliest people are very kind, and their smiles are very bright because they know the worth of people behavior.
These are the inspirational quotes that tell you about the fact that life is sad itself it is you how you changed the sadness into happiness. They usually use social media profiles and post or tweet their feelings in a form of quotes and sayings.

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