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Only Sanskrit provides the vocabularly that could express the totality of the Divine experience. But the syntax and semantics of most languages are too ambiguous for the transmission of logical data. Katy got this tattoo as a constant reminder of her religious upbringing, which will always be a part of her.
Katy has not spoken much about her current religious beliefs, but it seems that this tattoo is mostly about how she has been shaped by her past. In June 2010, Katy Perry and her then-fiance Russell Brand got matching tattoos on the inside of their right biceps. Sanskrit is an ancient language from India, a country with special significance to the couple. In November 2011, Katy Perry tattooed a smiling cartoon peppermint candy on the inside of her right ankle to match the strawberry on her other ankle.
Katy has not yet spoken to the press about this tattoo, so we can only speculate about its symbolism. Katy Perry has a tattoo of a cherry blossom on the outside of her right ankle, which she got in November 2013.
Katy Perry has a tattoo of Hello Kitty’s head on the side of her right middle finger. Its an ancient (dead) language, certainly not spoke in India, though many other asian languages (including hindi, bangla, thai) have their roots in sanskrit. It is not spoken in daily life but it is taught up to class 10 in almost every state of India.

You are the best and I look just like you I like the song part of me was he your boyfriend. It would make me reall angry I had a beautiful tattoo that meant something to me and my sis decided she was going to get it just because she liked the look of it. Well she’s not a great singer but her songs are catchy I guess and she seems nice so I can understand why she has so many fans. The bible says a lot of things that neither Katy (or many other people) believe or adhere to. Before getting the tattoo, she tweeted “Thinking about getting my second tattoo tonight! While the strawberry represents One Of The Boys, the peppermint represents her candy-themed Teenage Dream album cycle and California Dreams Tour.
Cherry blossoms are a popular subject in traditional Japanese tattoo art and are frequently used to represent the transience of life. The timing of the tattoo celebrates significant birthdays for both Katy and the cartoon cat.
My husband has 5 tattoos, and his step-sisters like the one on his left arm of a purple moon, which is actually symbolic to him, so they all have the plan of getting the same tattoo when they turn 18, just in different colors. She grew up listening to only gospel music and released her own gospel album under her real name Katy Hudson in 2001. Speaking of the success of the album, Katy said “This past year and a half has been insane. Katy took the gun herself to give Bang Bang a tattoo of the same peppermint design on his leg.

Katy got the tattoo right around the time of her divorce from Russell Brand, so it would seem that the tattoo represents her newfound clarity after their separation.
Where prohibition caused more deaths, disrespect for the law, eroded respect for region as a whole, created organized crime, corrupted law enforcement, court systems and politics. Seriously people… Those are specials meanings to her, find your own specials meanings instead of copying. Katy also has a few peppermint stage outfits, and she wore one of them while she had the tattoo done. At the same time, her then-husband Russell Brand got a tattoo for soccer team West Ham United on his arm.
Some of her music is inspiring…example RoaR…Lakewood High School all got together!
I think ppl should get tattoos that mean something to them not just to copy a singer that you might not like anymore in 5 or 10 years. Prevented treatment of drinking problems, a time that was economically extremely expensive.
She will be releasing new songs this summer, and then you will start to see her fan base pop up again.

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