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I have been wanting to write a post on this topic since days now but couldn’t get time to blog. So what happened was, I was watching a Korean Drama few days back, and a mention of second hand clothes popped up in the story line. I was bit surprised and happy at the same time because to buy second hand clothes or accessories in my country is considered a petty thing.
Anyway, I got very excited and remembered what I had learned about something similar happening in Paris. This piece of information made me realise that people in France also, do acknowledge second hand markets. Scarlet Vintage, an amazing shop in Bath, England, that sells Vintage and Second hand Designer clothes.
They have proper shops and markets for second hand items in foreign countries because most of the fashion crazy people can’t afford to buy first hand items like that. And even if you can afford so, I am honestly telling this that I have personally met people who can afford first hand item but yet they still like to buy from flea markets or second hand clothing shops.
I was in Islamabad few months back, I did visit a market there that sells second hand items and even first hand items but on a cheaper price.
Just few days back I was searching for kapdoun walay flea markets in my city but sadly there aint any. There is this coolest Flea market in Delhi, where you get branded clothes, not even second hand, at cheap rates. Yaar in our desi world, we dont encourage youngsters, for some weird reason, to earn their own pocket money. Yes, Mezba, that’s a risky and a dangerous side but as you can see in the pictures above, some of the people who take this trade seriously, display second hand clothing after a serious wash.
This is pretty common in the Philippines too and the people there are cool with buying vintage or second-hand (or pre-loved, as they call it) stuff.
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Frockney Rebel VintageNow that vintage clothes seem to cost more than anything on the high street, it's time to find out where London's fashion bargains truly lie. The straightforward idea behind the EETS is to provide good value vintage – which is becoming a bit of rarity in the capital. It’s difficult to walk into this east London institution and not be dazzled by the rainbow rails. Absolute Vintage may be a stretch away from the crowds of Brick Lane, but that doesn’t stop it filling up, and with its cluttered display of goods, browsing can get tiresome.
This pocket-sized shop is stocked by Gallic owner Margot Waggoner with sweet sailorette dresses and bleached cotton petticoats. Even though I can’t fully understand Hangul language or anything, but yet my obsession with Korean culture continues to grow.

This made it evident that people do find it okay to buy second hand clothes in Seoul, Korea. It was an adaptation of the film and I was playing the character played by Late Robin Williams. You see, we do have loads of such shops here, I hear there’s a big market for second hand items near Services Hospital, but let me be honest, they are not maintained well. However, that place is open only twice a week, and only exists in Islamabad because, I don’t know, it’s an executive city? Like the concept of truck food in Europe, he has his own truck shop which he drives around the city and parks. Several years ago, I bought a second-hand North Face backpack that was in excellent condition.
Between the charity shops' rags and the vintage boutiques' riches lie the wonders of the thrift store; second-hand stuff that's beautifully curated but doesn't cost the earth. If you’re a bit crafty, you can buy a sweet little lace collar from here and sew it on to a plain dress to make it your own. This is a vintage department store, covering all floors of a glorious old furniture factory. Locals in the know frequent second hand stores in Winnipeg to score one-of-a-kind items and designer duds without having to suffer from sticker shock.
I’m beginning to learn some of the Korean words too,  and remember I made a Korean dish? Does it make sense for a person who isn’t millionaire to buy a jacket that expensive? So what happened was, we were in need of lots of coats and other clothing items but the production budget was low. The setting of such shops in bazaars is tacky.And yeah, we are also shy to buy second hand things. This cool guy who worked for my uncle as a part timer, and recently started his own business. Perhaps it’s a business model that you can adopt with some proceeds going to charity or club together with your family to do something like this in Summer. But when I have to buy some hiking stuff from my pocket, me and my friends always go for second hand items. These are clothes that have been discarded by the showrooms for minor, very minor, defects. Rather than encouraging them we forbid them to do any work fearing it might be embarrassing.
For both men and women, this branch offers one of the widest selection of retro-wear in London, all under one roof.
There are also lots of collectible items that look like they’ve been raided from a 1950s Parisian larder; cute rusty tins and vintage bits and bobs which would make perfect gifts for the kind of people who would never throw anything away. Below, our shopping guide to the best such stores will help you suit up in pre-loved style with unique hard-to-find items.VINTAGE GLORY This eclectic boutique is packed with vintage treasures.

If we were to buy first hand items I am sure the budget would have gone upto Rs 50k but woah!
What he does is, he collects clothes from charity shops on cheaper prices and sell those same fashionable clothes  at a higher price. Ready for the summer shopper, the current stock includes Hawaiian shirts galore and its very own range of sleeveless cropped shirts in every shade and style under the sun.
But the quantity of goods makes up for the quality, and there’s a great cabinet filled with hard to find Chanel bags.
Floors are clearly merchandised with a furniture selection from Broadway Market’s The Dog & Wardrobe, an accessories floor, a book collection and rails and rails of neatly presented fashion.
Guys and gals can navigate through timeless leathers and a curated collection of pre-loved baubles and compacts, as well as footwear, and accessories like hats and gloves. The social class system of course but second hand or flea markets here give you that chance to have access to  brands you can never afford to buy from, otherwise. Instead of that, my teacher and friends ran towards the second hand clothes and got us AMAZING items to wear. That it’s cool and wise to save money by accepting second hand markets as a normal choice. Us ke mutabik he wasn’t okay with the pocket money being small so he applied at different places. Buyers Jan Skinners and John Howlin look to nearby Brick Lane for their inspiration, buying immaculate seersucker blazers, coloured denim, brogues and silk kimonos for their fashion focused clientele. It turned out that, the owner of the place knew my grandfather and was shocked ke itne achey ghar ka larka nokri kyun mang raha hai. The selection is all killer and no filler – and cleaned, steamed and folded before it hits the shop floor.
This mid-to-high end consignment store also stocks a large selection of purses, shoes and jewellery.
The rich can donate their stuff to these outlets, and then from there, you can buy the items on a cheaper price. My family still finds it odd when I advice my school going cousin to have a lemonade stand and earn their pocket money. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the shop’s stock and ability to size up a customer with a glance is uncanny—and invaluable. Tons of glittering evening gowns line the walls, along with smart suits and a wealth of stellar shoes.

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