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Shark tattoos are some of the most coveted body arts when it comes to tattoos depicting marine life. The shark tattoo designs presented here are some of the finest on the internet and can be worn in a number of ways. Shark Tattoo meaning – power (like a rhino), strength (like a foo dog), protection (like a crow), safety (like a lighthouse), salvation (like a starfish), warning, etc. Survival symbolism: one of the reasons some people get shark tattoo is because they survived. Shark Tattoo Placement ideas – on your arm (amputed arm), on your leg (amputed leg), on your chest, underarm, etc.

Although the shark is a creature that usually evokes a feeling of fear and helplessness, people often prefer sporting them in their tattoo designs due to the rich symbolic meaning they convey. Not only people are afraid of being attacked by sharks, but also lots of movies also use the shark symbolism to make people afraid. A person who has spent a great deal of his or her life in the sea, or is a shark attack survivor might choose to wear a shark tattoo.
You might also want to sport a shark tattoo if you are someone who studies these marine animals in a scientific setting and feel a close affinity to them.
Some people get shark tattoos because sharks are one of their biggest fears (this is the meaning of Adam Levine shark tattoo).

A shark tattoo is also chosen because the wearer wants to project an image of fearlessness and invulnerability. Shark tattoos can vary greatly in their style, and there are numerous ways to depict these creatures.
Apart from the full-bodied images of sharks, a shark tooth is also a popular shark-themed tattoo design.

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