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Miles Davis & Robert Glasper - ?–°e­?a€?Everything's Beautifula€?a?‹a‚‰"Maiysha (So Long)"ft. So the shooting stars hold a great value and beauty in our lives and hence are flaunted even on the body of us human beings!
As mentioned previously, the shooting stars look beautiful when zooming past your adorable feet.
If you are in love with music and are an equally crazy fan of shooting stars, then you should definitely get inked with an adorable combination of these two things you love the most. What better tattoo design than combining two of the most prettiest things in the world- stars and flowers! Imagine a beautifully blue looking star shooting right across the middle portion of your back? If you are a fiery and feisty person, then you should definitely go for this particular design! Wear a belly chain in the form of these adorable looking chained stars and look as sexy as ever!

Get a huge star tattoo placed on your waist and rest assured, several hearts would be broken on the way!
Decorate your delicate wrist with this beautiful link bracelet of stars and be adored forever!
Instead of going for just a small portion of your ribs, now you can cover your entire rib with this awesome tattoo. Now you can make your stars sparkle even when the lights are off by getting a glow in the dark shooting star! Another beautiful example of how bright and colorful the stars will look when placed on your belly! Now get wishes on your hand via these glittery star dust sprinkled magnanimously on your beautiful hand. Now you can have beautiful and colorful shooting stars shooting speedily up your belly towards your ribs, like a fiery and speedy rocket!
If you are unique in nature then show your uniqueness by getting inked with this pretty star right behind your ear!

Get your beautiful neckline covered with cool stars that would surely make a good alternative to your usual accessories! Usually on a starry night we glance up at the sky and are awed by the beauty of the twinkling stars that hold our gaze for a long long time!
If no then it is good as something as uncommon as black colored shooting stars inked on your body would sure get you many appreciative glances.
If you sport ear piercings, then this tattoo would surely add to the beauty of your piercings! Even men can get inked with shooting stars, but they should make sure to make the tattoo look more macho! Shooting stars look exceptionally beautiful when inked on wrists, back and ankles of the wearer.

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