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Star Tattoos ›› Tattoos To See JavaScript is required for this website to be displayed correctly. They have a whole array of meanings attached to them, which are usually interpretated by the wearer’s personal belief system. They can symbolize the desire to reach new heights and the ever continuing struggle to reach new heights. They can also symbolize a fleeting moment in one’s life, perhaps a missed opportunity or a lost love. As a light shining in the darkness, the shooting star is often considered a symbol of truth.

The meaning of the star itself can depend on the orientation of the star and the number of points it has. Also the meaning of a star signifies the birth of a child in Christian terms the star signifies the birth of Jesus at Christmas.To see a bigger picture just click on the image.
The Hexagram or six-pointed star, is a potent symbol of the interaction of the Divine with the mortal, of God with Humankind. Close up of one of the tattoo starsStar Tattoo with Words I liked this tattoo with words inside to describe what was important to the person.
It gets its name from the tradition that David carried a hexagram-shaped shield during his defeat of the giant Goliath.

It has strong links with the Kabbalah, and is sometimes known as the Seal of Solomon or the Creator’s Star. In Celtic Lore the Pentagram, as depicted in the photo, was the sign of story-tellers and magicians.

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