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In the interviews below you’ll hear him talk about what a lot of people refer to as the ‘illuminati’, only in a different way. If you walked by a street and you was walking a concrete and you saw a rose growing from concrete, even if it had messed up petals and it was a little to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete. Driven by my ambitions, desire higher positions, so I proceed to make G’s, eternally and my mission is to be more than just a rap musician the elevation of today’s generation, if I can make ‘em listen. One of the biggest Hip-Hop conspiracies in the history of the world: the Tupac Illuminati Conspiracy Theory. Tupac, considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, was born on June 16 of 1971 and died 25 years later on September 13, 1996. There are a lot of sources roaming around on the internet claiming that Tupac is still alive somewhere.
He also learned about the illuminati and later released an album under the name, Makaveli: the don killuminati, titled “The 7 Day Theory”.

On many interviews and news footage, everyone states that Tupac was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
This coincides with one of Tupac’s music video “I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto” where it shows Tupac taken away in a helicopter and he ends up dying. Then, I stumbled upon another video on the subject where Tupac’s former bodyguard, Frank Alexander, claiming he was at the crime scene and he did not see a helicopter anywhere there. Anyone that has been researching this Tupac Illuminati conspiracy theory knows that this is a very small part of the entire story of Tupac’s death.
What a lot of people don’t know is that one of the directors that worked with Tupac is working on a documentary. 14 years later after the entire Tupac Illuminati conspiracy theory, the director has decided to make a movie with all of the footage he has.
He talks about being suppressed, being poor, and how this system is pretty much made for you to fail.

So way is it that when you see some ghetto kid grow out of the dirtiest circumstance and he can talk and he can sit across the room and make you cry, make you laugh, all you can talk about is my dirty rose, my dirty stems and how am leaning crooked to the side, u can’t even see that I’ve come up from out of that. During this time he studied a man by the name of Niccolo Machiavelli who wrote about faking his own death as part of a strategy against enemies. There is only one video that shows a white lady saying that she saw a helicopter take Tupac away.
I recently saw the trailer and as a Tupac fan, this documentary looks like no other type of documentary I’ve seen before.

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