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One can save themselves some frustration by researching what kind of growth characteristics a plant has before purchasing it. Then stick your cutting down into the cup after adding some FRESH, moist cactus soil to the bottom of the cup. The reason you should leave them alone while rooting is, if you sneak a peek at the roots by lifting the cutting, or pull it out to check for rot or softness - you break off all these tiny first roots.
We have been experimenting with the Bag Rooting Method this involves planting calloused rooted cuttings in bags in moist coir bark and perlite.
Another method that has shown promising good results is the Egg Rooting Method, which uses the same planting techniques stated above and adds the additional step of placing a raw uncracked egg in the pot approximately 1" below the bottom on the end of the cutting. The Egg Method is based on the anaerobically fermenting process of eggs and probiotics, which benefits plants tremendously.
Plants need an equilibrium of growth stimulants and plant hormones, to perform their best in regards to growth, flowering and crop production.
The plumerias we have propagated using this method have developed a strong root structure and even flowered while rooting.
The egg method which is based on anaerobically fermenting eggs and probiotics that not only benefit plumeria cuttings and plumeria plants but many other tropical plants as well, including bananas, gingers, heliconias, hibiscus and many more.
According to scientific research by Biofeed Probiotics, “plant stimulants and plant hormones are produced during the metabolism of some bacteria, yeasts, molds, and cyanobacteria”, also known as blue-green algae and blue-green bacteria.
These plant stimulants and plant hormones include, auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, florigen and salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid, which encourages root formation is found in a naturally occuring form within the egg yolk. Since all these plant stimulants and plant hormones are contained within a egg, using the "egg method" is a excellent way to provide a slow release of vital nutrients to a plant during the rooting process.
While there is not an exact scientific process clearly written that is defined as the "egg method", we have obsevered beneficial results from applying this method.
In humid climates this technique might not be as effective, so fungicides might be necessary. You may also start new plants by seed but only cuttings and grafted plants guarantees that the flower color will be the same as the parent plant. Then continue to fill the cup with soil to almost the top of the cup and press the soil down and around the cutting very tightly. Lightly water the soil around the freshly planted cutting and then set it aside in a warm sunny spot to root. Then when you see all is well and re-plant, you've broken the newly formed roots - and now have to start all over again. The cuttings are then placed on a heat mat to speed the rooting process this method has been highly effective in harder to root cuttings. We have found this method helps increase early root development of freshly planted cuttings.
This means that you can leave the inflorescences on the new cuttings without harming the rooting process.

Gibberellins stimulate, budding, cell division, cell elogation, dormancy, flowering and seed germination. Florigen molecules, are produced within the leaves of a plant and they are responsible for controlling flower production. It is similiar in nature to the main active ingredient found in most commerial roooting hormones. Obtusa plumerias are considered to be evergreen and have rounded shiny leaves that are dark green in color while the rubras are decidous,(lose their leaves in winter), and they have duller green pointed leaves. Just remember that each type of cutting will have its own growing characteristics and some will emerge quicker than others.
The exception to the rule is to add water only if the soil has completely dried out, this is most likely to occur in the warm summer months. The moisture in the fresh cactus soil may cause some condensation to form within the plastic cup, which is helpful in retaining soil moisture. For larger cuttings, you can plant them in a larger black garden pot the same way, but only the clear cups will allow you to see the roots forming.

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