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We understand no one likes to give out their information and that’s why we only require the course attendee’s First Name, Last Name and Email to add the course to your shopping cart.
The course(s) you purchase will be available within 10 minutes of purchase and each person’s login information will be sent to the email address you provide. Untreated pressure sores can lead to widespread infections, limb amputations or worse?loss of life!
A pressure sore (also called pressure ulcer, decubitus ulcer, bedsore, or skin breakdown) is an area of the skin or underlying tissue (muscle, bone) that is damaged due to loss of blood flow to the area.
Poor circulation can lead to pressure sores and other skin related issues such as heightened sensitivity, scrapes or bruises that take longer to heal, and chafing due to excess moisture or sweating. Sitting or lying in one position for a long period of time decreases blood circulation to the areas supporting your body weight.
Swelling or "edema"? often a side effect of paralysis ? leaves skin more vulnerable to injury and breakdown. Smoking reduces circulation and makes you prone to frequent pressure sores because it dries out the skin. About seventy-five percent of your body's weight is concentrated on your buttocks when you sit upright (MedlinePlus, 2009). Physical activity has many health benefits and is important for your health and circulation.
Nutrition You already know that SCI changes your body composition and the way your body uses food. Poor diet increases your risk of pressure sores and will make it more likely to have recurring pressure sores, more difficulty with healing, and more severe infections. Zinc: Found in foods like fish, red meats, whole grains, and beans, zinc is crucial for skin repair because it helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Skin maceration, candidiasis, dermatitis,a€“ all these are complications that you may be experiencing when using briefs, pads, or diapers for men to manage incontinence. Dress it up any way you want (and believe me Tena and Depends will paint quite the picture), over 90% of individuals with incontinence are wearing some form of absorbent product a€“ a diaper, pad, male guard or pull-up. Diapers retain moisture (duh, thata€™s why you wear them) but that means that moisture is being constantly held against your skin.
One thing you cana€™t escape with mena€™s diapers (or any type of diaper, for that matter) is the smell. My skin is often the bane of my life, forever breaking out and quickly getting used to anything I use, so whenever something new comes along for me to try – I always jump at the chance. I have been trying out the Aknicare range from them which consist of 6 items all formulated to help with spots, acne and oily skin.
There are two cleansers in the collection the cleansing gel is the gentler of the two – aimed at use on younger skin, or those with inflamed skin, while the cleanser has more of an exfoliating effect and therefore it best used by those who suffer from congested skin and blackheads. I had it suggested to me that I should use the gel in the morning and the cleanser at night, but if I found the cleanser too much to cut it down or out of the routine. When first starting the system you use the lotion twice a day then once your skin is under control you withdraw the use of it so it is kept as a product to turn to when your skin is bad – the lotion contains ingredients that can cause your skin to dry out and so must always be used in conjunction with the cream to help make sure your skin is kept hydrated. The lotion contains among other things an exfoliant, two anti-bacterial agents and a free radical neutraliser and is used to help create a spot free environment. I was slightly worried when first using this about the fact you are rolling a mesh covering over your skin, but it is self-sterilising so there is no need to worry about contamination from previous spots.

The cream is a must after the lotion due to the fact it is made to promote skin hydration, alongside calming and soothing the skin and promoting healing of wounds, thus this should also be used as a maintenance product not just as an after the lotion one. A little goes a long way with this gel like cream, so make sure you don’t do a me when first using it and squirt out way too much. A smaller version of the lotion this little gem can be used throughout the day to keep spots at bay – I have to say in the time I was using this set I got one major spot and I straight away treated it with this and the next day it was no longer visible and just a tiny blemish beneath the skin. It has most definitely gained a permanent place in my handbag to make sure I am always ready to treat that naughty spot that might just peak through (they wont know what’s hit them). The fluid powder can either be used as a foundation or primer, on contact with your skin it really does change from the cream it looks like in its holder to a light powder that glides easily onto your skin. The idea behind the fluid powder is to help create a base to reduce your oil production, thus creating a great base for your make up. I can say without hesitation that my skin isn’t producing as much sebum which thankfully has left my skin looking and feeling a lot less oily, my pores also seem to have stopped throwing a party and are a lot less visible. I’m so pleased with the results SkinMed Aknicare has given me so far and I am looking forward to seeing just how it works for me in future. If you want to find out more about Aknicare or any of the SkinMed range you can pop over to their website now. Have you tried Ankicare from SkinMed or anything else from their range, What do you think of it? I don’t have major breakouts, and the ones I do have are connected to hormones or food. This sounds really effective and it is good that you finally found the product that works on you. Definitely worth trying in my oppinion my other must have is Salcura Antiac which is completely natural I have a review on it as well and I always keep a bottle in my bathroom now. Knowing how to care for a person's skin and protect them from skin breakdown are important to help them stay healthy. In order to enroll you in a course we will need to collect your First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
If you are purchasing for others or your employees, please make sure to provide the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the person who you are purchasing for. If you are purchasing for multiple people, each person must have a unique email address to access the Online Campus.
Even minor problems can get out of hand, limiting your ability to take care of yourself, function at work, or result in lengthy and costly hospital stays. Normally, sensation acts as a warning system, signaling you to move or shift your weight to let blood flow return to an area before damage occurs. Pressure sores usually form on parts of the skin close to bone (such as hips and heels) that carry weight when you sit or lie down for a long time. Although wheelchair cushions reduce pressure, good skin care and positioning are the most important part of preventing sores.
Having a schedule for changing positions is one of the best ways to help prevent pressure sores.
Do not place the pad or pillow directly under the knee?this reduces the flow of blood to the lower leg areas. However, excessive sweating and moisture resulting from exercise make you an easy target for skin breakdown.
Because of these changes, fewer calories are needed, so you should really try to make those calories count. Poor nutrition promotes swelling, which is bad for circulation, and prevents oxygen from getting to cells throughout your body.
It is only for informational and educational purposes and should not be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition. The other names for these complications are a€“ diaper rash, yeast infection and (best of all) fire bottom.

Absorbents of all variety come with a host of potential complications that you should know about. Constant exposure to moisture, particularly the ammonia in urine, can cause skin breakdown. Ita€™s generally still pretty bulky and can ride up above your pants in the back, meaning ita€™s visible to onlookers. There are a lot of toxic ingredients that are being researched for their cancer-causing side effects, but more on that another day. Lately I have been giving SkinMed a run for their money, they are a company that offer medically tested skincare for a range of different problems from spots to Rosacea, scarring to dry skin and many more so maybe they have something that could help you. With having quite sensitive skin I was ready to find I would either need to cut it down to just a couple times a week or stop its use all together, but was pleasantly surprised to find it worked perfectly for me with use every night.
I do have hormonal breakouts but there’s not much that seems to keep them going other than acne products its odd how everyones skin is just so different.
Because you may not be able to feel discomfort or pain after a spinal cord injury, you cannot depend on your sensation of pressure to cue you to move or shift weight to relieve pressure. So, whether you are a heavy or light smoker, the effects on your body are still very harmful! When in your chair, pay attention to your posture; slouching puts more pressure on the lower back and tailbone (sacrum) areas. Pay close attention to your skin's reaction to things like lotions, powders, or fragrances. Being overweight is also risky because it's harder to shift your weight, do pressure reliefs, and move around. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice relative to your specific medical conditions. You can even develop a yeast infection and get the added benefit of a burning sensation when you pee!
I am also struggling with acne but I am going to try this product and hopefully the results will be as good as yours. In a seated position, try to maintain a 90-degree (right) angle between your upper body and your hips.
Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have about your medical condition. Up to 80% of individuals with SCI will have a pressure sore during their lifetime, and 30% will have more than one pressure sore.
Bladder infections don't just affect your bladder; ear infections don't just affect your ears. If left untreated, these complications can contribute to pressure ulcers and hospitalization. In bed, you can reduce pressure by placing pillows under and between your legs, and a general recommendation is to change positions every two hours when in bed.
Remember to check your skin at least twice a day for signs of breakdown because loss of sensation can make it hard to perceive pressure and pain. If you've been sick or hospitalized, muscle atrophy (getting smaller) and weight loss can occur quickly. In either case, you lose fat and muscle that help cushion your bones and your risk of pressure sores increases.

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