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When its greenlight was first announced, American Horror Story instantly became one of the year's most-anticipated shows. So now that American Horror Story has finally arrived, how did Wednesday's premiere stack up to the hype?
In the opening flashback (to be sure, the episode's finest sequence) a pair of twin boys vandalized an abandoned house, only to find a menagerie of horrifying specimen jars in the basement—including several that were filled with BABY PARTS.
When Vivien (Connie Britton) discovered a black vinyl GIMP SUIT propped up in the attic (allegedly belonging to the previous owners, two gay men who murder-suicided), she understandably screamed. When Vivien decided to strip the wallpaper in the living room, she discovered these horrifying hand painted murals on all the walls. There's a chance this "original drama" may have actually just been a clip montage from other movies? In what seems like a reprise of her evil drag queen character from Hush, Jessica Lange plays an aging Southern belle next-door neighbor who steals silverware and casually refers to her own daughter as a "mongoloid." Up until this scene American Horror Story was pretty serious, but when Jessica Lange dropped the M-bomb I was like, 'Whoops! It was crazy enough when Frances Conroy just showed up in the backyard claiming to be the housemaid and Connie Britton immediately hired her. For now, though, I can't believe American Horror Story is on television and that's probably why I'll keep watching. One part maybe missed would be the homage to Richard Bachman a la Stephen King by Tate's character basically being from the story "Rage." The WTF moment with the baby parts in the jars can be summed up by the fact that the doctor had his son returned to him in pieces in separate jars. Was no one else phased by the awkward one minute scene of Dylan McDermott just standing there masterbating? Uh I'm sorry but this show is fun and I could care less if it makes a shred of sense and really do you want it to make sense and get bored? The house is located in Los Angeles as mentioned by the real estate agent on the first episode. One other movie scene tribute was the set up for the murder reenactment was the same as the final scene of The strangers.

American Horror Story is either great or terrible (still not sure!), and its pilot was basically a horror mixtape comprised of MANY familiar elements from other movies and TV shows that we've seen before, just never assembled in this way. Ostensibly about a troubled family who moves into a haunted house, this episode was pretty much structured like a musical (or maybe a porno?) with several setpieces linked by some of the loosest storytelling imaginable. Later, when a PERSON walked into her bedroom WEARING IT, she barely batted an eye and immediately started SEXIN' with it. This thing killed two kids, maimed a girl, and now will destroy my peaceful slumber for the next few days. For like a ten-minute stretch, the episode ground to a halt so that Denis O'Hare (Ryan Murphy True Blood so much!) could stalk Dylan McDermott and then tell him all about the time he murdered his own family (complete with flashbacks). MAYBE Connie Britton's post-miscarriage basket case character, but certainly not the husband or daughter, who are both awful. While Ryan Murphy clearly has great taste in other peoples' horror, the nearly fatal flaw of this pilot episode was an absolute dearth of tension or suspense.
PTSD wife and her cheating dirtbag of a husband drag their whiny emo daughter across the country to buy a murder house?!? Not since Twin Peaks, X-Files and Buffy have I even bothered to check out a new tv show, but this one just blows my mind. She offered them a house in the valley worth less for twice the cost after mentioning the murder-suicide which took place in the house. It took me a few minutes to figure out who they were at the skate park and the prior conversation was the one in the park when Ben was jogging.I think some of the disjointedness is to keep the viewer uncomfortable, to add to the sense of disorientation. Add to that a truly talented cast—Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange, and Frances Conroy among others—and we were faced with nothing less than watercooler television. I'm not sure it resulted in a coherent product, but I still came away excited, having seen something so insane and TV-unfriendly that I couldn't help but appreciate it for that fact. So rather than bore you with plot details, here are the ten craziest things that happened in the American Horror Story premiere.

Just like my thoughts on the million times this theme has been used, these dummies deserve whatever bad things happen to them. I get that Tate going insane because of it might tip off some, but what the fuck did Violet do?Tate's my favorite character, btw. By the final scene, in which we learned that Jessica Lange had murdered this character once already, I was like, "Sure, obviously. You review nitpicks at all the elements on the show but you never come out an say, "I like or don't like where this is going." The horror genre has never been about things that make sense. Are we really supposed to tune in and sympathize with idiots who remain in this horrible place? When in a dark spooky house how many times do characters go searching for the origin of some creepy sound.
The audience always knows that if it was us we would have run out of the house as if demons were chasing us. To do what we would not do so our curiosity may be satisfied even if it scares us to do so.
I also disagree with your assessment that she hired the housekeeper without a second thought.
I think the housekeeper believably convinced her she was capable when she mentioned using vinegar to clean the floors.

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