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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Russian Prison Tattoos, Gang Tattoos, Outlaw Tattoos and Hispanic Tattoos. This burly prisoner wearing the swastika symbol on his chest and wires on arms has a dashing personality. Black and grey tattoo pattern with floral design looks attractive and has an aesthetic beauty.
This chest tattoo bearing a star and an H letter represents the gang association of the criminal. The howling wolf signifies the anxiety and depression of the prisoner that has brought a neurotic disorder in him. Laughing skeleton wearing a cap with the number plate presents both the cool and the evil side of the criminal.
A black grim reaper portrait sits on the leg of the prisoner to remind him of the death sentence and prepare him for it. The web tattoo, etched on the neck, signifies the length of the sentence the prisoner has to serve. The prisoner with a large number of tattoos on his body is the one who might be bullied by his jail inmates or could be the strongest among all. The folded hands showing the middle finger have been created to deride the jail authorities.

Two fighting men, carved as tattoo design, stand for the secret desire of breaking free from the jail that prisoners nurse.
This tattoo stands for looming death that is soon to come as the prisoner is serving a death sentence. This arm tattoo is a mark of identity and shows the allegiance of the criminal to a particular gang. This man with a cool arm tattoo is enjoying his first day after getting released from the prison. Portrait tattoo inspired from the famous television series, carved on the thigh, looks brilliant. A fearsome image, carved on the thigh, signifies the intense anger and aggression of the prisoner. This prisoner having a teardrop, cross and broken heart symbol as tattoo designs looks intriguing.
The beautiful female Aztec warrior, created on the leg, makes for a pretty prisoner tattoo.
After seeing full front tattoo, I remember the Bollywood movie Ghajini where the hero make permanent tattoos all over his body.
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The criminal tendencies and acts also fall in this category which ultimately leads to punishment as prisoners. Some of them have it on their person before they enter the prison while some get it tattooed inside the jail. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Though the practice is prohibited, prisoners find out ways and many of them get tattoos carved while being inside the jails. The life of prisoners is very hard and full of sordid details that have the potential to unnerve us. The process is very tough and inflicts harsh pain on the wearer but the hardened men bear it with pride.
Here we have a collection of 30 prison tattoos, giving more and deeper details about these tattoos. We want to know more about them, about their lifestyles and what goes inside their minds while they are serving the sentence inside the prison walls.

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