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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Birds make beautiful tattoo designs as you can incorporate lovely colors and deep quotes with a bird tattoo.
Women can relate to birds when expressing their tenderness, their free spirit and their belief in love and peace, which birds are known to symbolize.
Pretty looking hummingbird tattoos are very popular for their intriguing significance in American Indian folklore and mythology.
Lovely piece rendered with a colorful hummingbird along with a very pretty floral background. The section could interest lot many love birds as it features very pretty love bird tattoos.
Pretty black birds inked across the shoulders and upper back with a soft pink birdie in the centre.
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Girls love small tattoos as they are fairly easy to hide if they ever want to cover them up and they are not large or obscure. Cool QR code tattoo, which can also be personalized with plain text, website URL, email address, phone number, or SMS text message. Small foot print of a baby on foot to mark the moment when the little one began to learn walking standing on your feet.
Small rose stem on chest inspired from The Little Prince, a famous novel from Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
Wow these small tattoo designs are very cute for the ladies to get it inked on their bodies. I want to get a small, blue, butterfly just above and below my index and thumb…does anyone have any experience with getting one of these? So, if you are planning to have a tattoo this season, my advice would be to have a look at the tribal butterfly designs. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tribal Tattoos For Men, Hebrew Tattoos, Demon Tattoos, and Aztec Tattoos. Tattoo has been growing its popularity in recent years and one of the hot spots for inking that tattoo is on the arms.
Small tattoos aren’t just for women anymore.  With this rotten economy who can afford to feed their tattoo addiction with giant themed tattoos anyway. Hearts in Small Tattoos – Hearts in small tattoos for men are on the rise in popularity with men. Tribal art in small tattoos – Tribal art in small tattoos form can make great small tattoos for men. Shamrock Small Tattoos – Shamrock small tattoos are a fun design to tattoo on your body guys.

When we think of old school tattoo flash, we see images of big and bold designs of beautiful girls, hearts, roses, birds and anchors to name just a few.
Both looks equally good, but lately it has been found the fashion of Small Wrist Tattoos artwork has come up among young men and women.
If you want to get a bird tattoo for yourself make sure that you go through several designs and also the legends that is associated with that particular bird.
People love sporting tribal designs for their artistic value and mythological significance.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Small tattoos for girls are the most popular style of tattoos that girls are getting on their bodies right now. Since we are talking about girly small tattoos, the designs have to be sweet, feminine and simple. The most common tattoo style includes either inking your upper arm or full arm, also known as half-sleeves or full-sleeves. Men, the message is everything doesn’t have to be BIG.  No matter what anyone tells you, size does not matter!  You can have lots of big things and lots of small things, its okay. Or that bare spot you’ve been staring at on your sleeve contemplating what to put there; this is the time. The small design adds a level of confidence for men to show it off to their buddies in the man cave or work without too much kidding from the boys. Quick ideas here for tribal art in small tattoos are; a tribal bear, it has a very masculine meaning of power and in a side view in the tribal razor pattern its razor edges look sharp. The North Star design helps a man keep pointed in the right direction in life, and always knows which direction to go to get home to his family. They also have had an intrinsic role to play in any legend or culture and therefore birds are regarded highly.
The bird that you have chosen for your tattoo must suit your personality and you should want to relish it on your body forever.
My two best friends and I met while studying abroad in Murcia, Spain and got matching lemon tattoos as a memory. Most men would opt for the half-sleeves as it give them the most flexibility as to whether to show it off to others when wearing t-shirts or cover it up while wearing long sleeve shirts at work. Try a bright red heart with a blue ribbons free flowing around the heart with your girl’s name over the top.  Hearts in small tattoos designs for a guy look great on the side of a finger, inside of the wrist, behind the ear or on the calf. Try a small north star in red and black ink on the side of a finger, back of the hand, wrist, or forearm for quick visual reference.
Artworks like a single rose, a simple heart, a short tailed dragon and a small cross are some of the popular designs for Small Wrist Tattoos.
Of course, if you are a bird lover or own a bird yourself, you could get a tattoo of your bird or a tattoo that represents that specific breed.
It’s your body, so the decision is completely up to you as to whether or not you get a bird tattoo.

A small tattoo can enhance your style statement subtly without actually making you look loud or an extremist fashionista.
If you have a wild side, you can show it off in a small tattoo and you will look like a true blue rocker chick! If you like any of the tattoos above, you can print off a picture of the design you like and take it to a tattoo artist.
Some typical areas to ink your tattoo includes your forearm or upper back arm.A Arm tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideasA for men as not only does it displays your tattoo design on an easy-to-see area but it also spotlights your huge biceps and strong forearms — that is I assume you go to workouts and gyms!
Arm tattoos usually cover a larger area and hence may be more costly and painful, but if you really like your tattoo idea and you can endure the pain, then we hope you may find some great tattoo ideas on your body with the below photos onA arm tattoos for men. Try a small devil in red with its wings spread looking up as if he is pondering his next new trick for a cartoonish look.  The small size looks more menacing in single dark colored ink and looks good on the hand, wrist, below the collar bone, ankle and foot. In single color ink or with color added your tribal art in small tattoos will look great on the hand, finger, wrist, forearm or neck. There is plethora of such good, attractive and unique Small Wrist Tattoos artwork on the Web.
Also, a lot of people out there will get a bird tattoo that has a symbolic meaning to them. Just make sure that the tattoo means something to you and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Make sure that you are in the hands of an expert because tribal butterfly designs will need a very neat outline. A simple Google search will help you find those, but we have compiled here few of the most selective in the below given images. Typically, a bird tattoo on someone represents that they are a truly free spirited person that knows no bounds.
These are just some of the reasons as to why women are getting small tattoos put on their bodies. Of course, you should always try to get a custom design, so your tattoo is completely unique to you. These tattoos can be made anywhere, be it the armband, lower back or the foot; they are bound to give a sexy feel to the wearer. For making your search easier, we have compiled 20 such tattoos, just scroll down and make your choice.
If you’re thinking about getting a small tattoo, you will love the list we have compiled for you below.

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