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Initial letters with wings, letters, initials, wings, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. With the fall leaves dropping, the weather getting cooler, there’s coming the best time for people to get tattoos if you consider healing more quickly, especially to get tattooed on some painful spots of the body, such as rib, collar bone and ankle. There are few relationships in this world that share a special bond like that between a mother and daughter.
A mother daughter tattoo is a great example of this expression of love, with the creation of wonderfully cute art shared between each other. There are many different tattoo designs and looks for a mother and daughter, the most popular being a mother holding her baby in her arms.
Lets take a look at a variation of tattoo samples which we liked during our research into mother daughter tattoos. This cute tattoo shared between mother and daughter symbolises how much they adore each other and love spending time with one another. What better way is there to express to love between mother and daughter than with an ornamental piece of tattoo art, just like this matching ankle bracelet tattoo. The tattoo symbolises a mother with her daughter image, and stands for the loving bond between the pair.
This foot tattoo symbolises the protection and care a mother has for her daughter; this tattoo stands for a mother holding her daughter. A cute little tattoo on the hand which was designed by the daughter of this pair and she asked her mother to get the same one. The combination of a heart and flowers make this a cute tattoo piece placed on the upper back of this mother and daughter pair.

This very creative lock and key tattoo is a powerful symbol of love and looks pretty cool on the arms of this family pair. This mother and daughter pair show off their matching bird tattoos, carved on their back and hand, which symbolises and affectionate alliance. This very sweet tattoo in Japanese, the vertical symbol stands for eternal love and the horizontal ones on either side symbolize mother and daughter. The most well known and popular symbol of love; the rose flower, looks pretty cool on the feet of this mother and daughter pair. This classy tattoo on the side of the foot features the word faith and Jesus fish symbol that indicates that the mother and daughter, both have religious nature. Flowers are a great way to show your love and respect for someone, and this is exactly what this tattoo means for this daughter and her mother.
This black outlined tattoo features a popular mother and daughter symbol which has made an appearance several times in this post already. This simple but powerful tattoo features the initials of both mother and daughter entwined together in a heart.
This tattoo featured on the lower leg of this girl symbolises the relationship and love she has for her mother. Simply comment below and attach a photo and we may feature your tattoo in this article, or on future publications. Art on Body is a blog dedicated to beautiful body art including tattoos, piercings and body painting.
There is nothing like expressing your love in permanent ink – it is meant to last forever just like the tattoo. Infinity and Circle of Love Tattoos are popular as well for the symbolic meaning that love never ends.

Celtic knots, love knots and Claddah ring designs are very popular for their significance and meaning. A wedding is after all, a spiritual event, why not get symbols of your everlasting eternity symbolic of your religious beliefs? Known as the red string of fate,  people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. Founder of Inked Weddings and an 11 year veteran of the wedding industry, Erica has seen it all - and has a growing collection of her own personal Ink.
The tattoo symbolises the fragrance of love that makes the lovely relation stronger and sweeter. This particular tattoo is shared with both mother and daughter in the same place on the back of the neck.
I’d stay away from color tattoos on fingers though as they tend to fade quicker than black tats do.
I began researching ideas for wedding ring tattoos and came up with 35 unique wedding and finger tattoo ideas for couples that I think you’ll love. Most of the tattoos on ankle are of feminine appeal and portrayed in lovely and sexy styles.

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