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And on the other hand, on darker skin the ink will be tinted dark, as watching through sunglasses on the skin. On the other hand, white tattoos tend to degrade much quicker then regular, tattoo we all used to know, the black tatto. It’s happening because the pigment is thicker comparing to the other colors so, some tattoo redoing maintenance can be required to keep the white tattoo looking good. Also, it is very important to pick the body area on which the tattoo will be placed, smartly.

White ink can turn dull with time if it’s exposed to the sun so it can be a smart choice to choose body part that is not exposed much such as underside of an arm, back, chest and so on. And finally, when you want to do your white tattoo, go to a tattoo artist that got experience with such style. Be sure to check that his studio is sterile, check that he use one-time kits and ask him about the quality of the white ink he use, you don’t want the ink to change to blue on you. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

White Ink Tattoo Of An Infinity Cross Actually Thinking About Getting A Small White Tattoo Pretty Is An Understatement. This Is A Great Tribute To Your Child Without Going To The Extreme Of Tattooing Their Names Onto Your Body.

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