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Cobra Snake Egyptian Armband - Egyptian Women Costume - Includes a lightweight metal armband with a cobra head and a painted Egyptian designs. Egypt is a fascinating country due to its complex and long history; in fact, this Arab country actually has one of the longest histories among all countries in the world as it dates back thousands of years.
Go back in time to Ancient Egypt and be part of a country that is rich in history and culture. You would agree that this country located in the north of Africa is one of those places that you have to visit.

Become Egypta€™s last pharaoh, Cleopatra, by wearing one of the flamboyant and beautiful Cleopatra dresses that you will find in our broad Egyptian Costumes collection.
There are different Cleopatra outfits; find them in black, gold, yellow and white, and in very sophisticated styles. If you have a mind to continue the legacy of King Tut, then an Egyptian Ladies Costume is perfect for your next costume party.
You will understand why the Giza pyramid is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world when you find yourself standing in front of this amazing architectural structure amazed and speechless.

You will wonder why and how the Giza pyramids where built thousands of years ago when there was no technology like nowadays.
It is believed that the pyramids where built as tombs for pharaohs but the main mystery remains in how the Ancient Egyptians were able to construct such impressive monuments.

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