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Regional dating sites often compete with large social networks as the go-to place for users to find romantic connections.
The question seems to be whether people want the anonymity of a closed service just for dating or the reach of a widespread social network. An important factor in understanding the significance of which populations use which dating services is the context of how people feel about online dating in general in a particular region. With hundreds of social networks out there and more every day it’s a common question: do I really need to be on every social network?
And thinking critically about the following questions can help you determine which social networks are the best fit for your business (or even to use personally). They can also help you to decide whether a new site is worth investing in or whether you take a pass.
Just because a site is new and shiny and “everyone else is doing it” does not mean that you need to follow their lead. Put simply: is the audience you want to reach even using the social network you’re considering in sufficient numbers to justify your investment? If you’re a nonprofit you have a slightly better chance (assuming you have good stories to share and can keep your followers engaged), but for businesses you need to work hard to provide consistently valuable content. While coupons and discounts certainly help, they are not the only way to create unique experiences for your fans. Many of these sites require photos or videos even to participate, and increasingly photos are the most popular type of Facebook content (at least in terms of engagement within the site as measured by likes and comments).

Most businesses can find a way to tell their story visually if they really think about it, but if you don’t already have this content around and ready to post, the effort required to create it is an important point to consider as you decide whether or not to adopt a particular site or tool.
For businesses you would probably like social media to generate new leads or sales and for nonprofits you might want to raise awareness of your cause or identify new donors.
Not all social media sites are created equal when it comes to driving the actions that lead to these outcomes. Twitter is (generally speaking) a better channel for breaking news and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Facebook is better for building relationships with your existing customers (unless you have a lot of ad money to burn) and Pinterest might help to drive sales but it’s also (possibly more) useful to see what other people are pinning and generate new product ideas. Do these behaviors match up with what you’re hoping YOUR customers will do and what you’re hoping to get out of your social media efforts? And it goes without saying but if you have limited resources you simply can’t be everywhere all of the time. In many cases having a great presence on one social network that is a great fit for your business may be worth far more than having a dozen or more scarcely updated outposts on every new site out there. And since the online dating industry is worth about $2 billion worldwide, there's big money at stake here for developers. It also doesn’t hurt to run contests and giveaways or to offer some kind of special benefits to your fans to get them to stay tuned in.
In many cases exclusive content such as “behind the scenes” photos or videos or other “members only” content can help to create this same feeling of being part of a community that has special access.

If not, then YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and really even Facebook may not be the best fit for you. Hopefully you know that you need to be thinking about more than “likes” and “retweets” to assess the return on your social media efforts. It’s also a fantastic research tool to identify new customers and a real-time focus group to address customer service issues and generate new product ideas. Hopefully thinking through these questions will help you decide where it makes the most sense to invest your time and energy.
And according to a survey by the mobile rewards platform Jana, services explicitly intended for matchmaking aren't the only ones you have to consider. It's also interesting, though, to look at which countries have a significant culture around online dating in the first place (see below) or not, and which services people in those countries are favoring. In many countries, general-interest social networks are hotbeds of online love connections.

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