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However, it is known that a person would get a sparrow tattoo after making a long significant journey for example after crossing the equator or other such long journey.
This belief was another cause for a sailor to have the sparrow tattoo, as if the sailor had the misfortune of dying at sea, according to the legend the sparrow would carry his spirit to heaven.
This is the kind of tattoo someone gets when they just want something bright and cheery that no one will be repulsed by.
Now as far as the symbolic meaning of sparrow tattoos go, it’s also connected to the nautical occupations. Like many different designs sparrow tattoos can be adapted to fit the personality of the bearer.
In modern times, the sparrow tattoo is sometimes used as memorial designs for loved ones who have passed away.

A rather pleasant looking image for a tattoo and certainly something that no one would find offensive in any way.
Sparrow tattoos in many cases stand for freedom and the ability to simply fly away from your problems and they also have their roots in a lot of old sailor lore, both in relation to sailors and their loved ones and with the birds being signs of land and such things as that to the sailors. Sailors originated most of the classic tattoo designs and sparrow tattoos are no different. One of the beauties about the sparrow tattoo is that even in small sized it can be very rich in details and colors. I wouldn’t mind having a sparrow tattoo on myself but if I ever do I would prefer that mine be more realistically colored and made to look more like a real bird rather than a cartoon version of one. Thus many people who have spent time in jail get sparrow tattoos to represent their freedom from jail.

That’s just my preference and that is all that counts for each and every one us who gets a tattoo. Since they flew close to land then a sailor would know he was close to land once he saw a sparrow flying by the ship. And since the sparrow is a fast moving bird, some UK street fighters get sparrow tattoos on their fist, indicating that they can punch fast and furiously. Over time sailors started ascribing certain meaning behind different sparrow colors and tattoo designs.

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