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Most tattoos stick close to their original symbolism if you trace the image back far enough however, the spider web tattoo, is definitely an exception.
Traditionally, the spider web tattoo stems from the concept of racism, white supremacy in particular, with the wearer often having killed what he considers a minority subject to get his views across. In fact, just because you see someone today sporting a spider web tattoo, there is no need to run for the hills as they may not necessarily be an ex-con or someone who has committed a heinous criminal act. This is usually sported on the neck or elbow, predominantly by male tattoo enthusiasts and is seldom the choice of females.
While this particular tattoo has a strong history behind it, the location is irrelevant, being solely down to the preference of the wearer.
Like many other designs, this image has simply been adopted by many as a fashion statement particularly by those who want a more unique tattoo that will stand out from the norm. However, most designs look best on the joints either with or without a spider included in the design. This type of tattoo is actually quite unique given the fact that it has no specific symbolism in the world of tattooing but has had a variety of meanings over the years for those serving time in prison.

Spider web inking initially became popular in prisons in the later part of the 20th Century and its meaning gradually altered from this point onwards too. Some cultures actually link spider’s webs with dream catchers which gives it an altogether more positive vibe. Tattoos done in prison have a habit of making their way into the outside world and have started a few trends over the years however, the meaning behind these designs has altered considerably too over the course of the last century.
Initially, it was the tattoo of choice for someone serving a sentence for murder and was designed as a warning to others that this individual was not to be messed with. While there may be some who do wear this because if it’s original meaning, there are actually plenty of great designs of this nature that make amazing tattoos without the negative symbolism. Back in the 1900s, a prisoner sporting a tattoo featuring the image of a knife was advertising himself as a contract killer. However, in more recent times many choose this simply to mark the fact that they have done time in prison.

If this particular tattoo design appeals to you, the important thing is simply to choose a design that you like and concentrate on what it means to you. However, this is now very much a thing of the post although this symbolism may still be used in tough prison cultures like Mexico or Russia. In our modern day society, this is one design that is definitely open to interpretation so what this design means to you personally is of more significance than what others choose to see in it.

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