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Star Background for your computer desktop - grab this free funky star pattern with zebra background pattern! Stars are celestial objects that burn nuclear fuel to produce vast quantities of heat and light.
Star patterns are sketches, drawings, or renderings of star shapes in homage to these giant wondrous spheres of hot burning gas. Creative sun worshiping people now put star shaped patterns on almost anything these days - including Wellington Boots! Phone calls and press conferences are seemingly a thing of the past, as the method du jour for declaring your college choice is now evidently imprinting it somewhere on your person. I have been a history fan since the day I first noticed old buildings with the carved and sculpted stonework, the majestic columns and the extras, like gargoyles. This is why I have always enjoyed finding vintage and antique postcards of old Canadian cities, towns and places I have been in the current time. I remember when I was little and my parents, aunts and uncles took each of us children to get our silhouettes done as gifts for the grandparents. So, how does the average or budding zine scribbler get through one of these fests in one piece?
In How To Survive A Zine Fest, Martin offers some pretty good advice for any nervous newbie who enters a creative (and perhaps collaborative) community. Check it out for tips on what to bring, why you should buy a thing or two, and how to navigate the types of tables and attendees at the event.

Hopefully it makes you feel better about jumping in at anything from one of those scrapbooking weekends to a new art class.
Instead of making snowflakes the classic way via folding & cutting a piece of paper, how about quilling some snowflakes?
They say no two snowflakes are alike, so spending the day quilling away snowflakes means endless output. Just think, you could keep the glow of fireflies in a jar forever with these adorable postcards and note card sets (with envelopes) featuring the latest felt and needlework designs by Melissa Crowe of Checkout Girl. I can’t get enough of artist Tamar Stone — her corset and bed books inspire me so much! Create, buy, appreciate, and display art!- U3Make The Ungulate Ululate!Hey, blog advertising is good for you!
This template will be sent to you via first class mail and will be supplied on high quality plastic. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. Drake elected to have his head — or hair, rather — do all the talking for him, having his future school’s logo shaved into the back of his head. In the old postcards you can see some of what once was and how a building (still standing) looked when it was new. How do you guarantee that a vibrant day out with your creative peers doesn’t descend into an adrenaline-soaked nightmare of knotted pulp?

However, because of limited space and finances, I also go to the NY Public Library to do research with their really old books.
We still have some of the massive pieces of furniture which she told me were called Canadiana, over 100 years old made from trees far older than that even. Well, here’s some advice that I’ve found quite useful – hopefully it might help you too. The wood has become soft to the touch and the colour is lighter than the finished wooden furniture. Horses still in the streets, sometimes sharing it with vehicles and sometimes, just horses and buggies.
People along the sidewalks, some close enough to see a pattern in their clothes and the trimmings on their hats. Together they were simply matted (with an especially nicely beveled cut window for the text) and placed in an old metal oval frame painted black. And you can visit Tamar Stone’s website to keep up-to-date on the artist and her projects.

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